The Biggest Bachelor Plastic Surgery Transformations Explained

Is it just us, or does it seem like basically everyone who comes out of The Bachelor franchise has a major glow up after they appear on the reality show? Bachelor Nation loyalists who have been around since Season 1 Episode 1 know that it hasn't always been that way, but as time went on, cast members became notorious for experimenting with cosmetic procedures to go along with their newfound fame.

As is the case with all every sector of celebrity plastic surgery rumors, some Bachelor stars are very honest about the work they've had done, while others play it a bit more coy when it comes to their transformations since first appearing on our screens. Some of these stars have refused to say anything about what work they've had done, despite years of speculation. 

From Botox to boob jobs to completely new faces, these Bachelor alum have updated their looks in a big way since their Bachelor debuts.

Amanda Stanton filmed herself as she got fillers

Amanda Stanton was a breakout star from Season 20 aka Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor. As she started appearing on other shows in The Bachelor franchise, including Bachelor in Paradise Seasons 3 and 4, fans noticed more and more changes to her face and body — but they didn't have to speculate much. 

Stanton has never been one to shy away from talking about what cosmetic surgery she's had done. In April 2018, she even went as far as filming herself getting both lip fillers and cheek contouring done for an Instagram post. And around the same time, Stanton blogged about getting a breast augmentation, which is more commonly known as a boob job. In her since-deleted blog post (via E!), Stanton "said she was a B-cup before the operation and opted to get 250cc soft touch silicone implants" which brought her up to a C-cup.

Stanton's plastic surgeon Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip also spoke to E! News about her procedure, saying she was "a great candidate," because she "he had two children which left her with deflation of her natural breast tissue." He also noted that Stanton "maintained her weight throughout her pregnancies so there was no need for a formal breast lift," adding, "Her goals were reasonable, desiring a natural elegant look that would be proportional to her body."

Vienna Girardi has been open about lipo and a nose job

Who can forget Vienna Girardi's tumultuous romance with Jake Pavelka on his 2010 season of The Bachelor? Girardi also appeared on the 2nd season of the spin off, Bachelor Pad. She has since moved on from the franchise, but she's continued to be open and honest with Bachelor Nation about what she's gone through since her time on the show.

In 2016, Girardi got engaged to race car driver Todd Allen and the following year, the two announced they were expecting twin girls. Sadly though, Girardi later announced that she had suffered a miscarriage. At the time, Girardi's rep told People that "She was rushed into the OR and spent four days in the ICU. She almost died." After the traumatic experience, Girardi told Us Weekly that she suffered from depression and gained around 30 pounds. And so, Girardi also revealed to the outlet that she got liposuction on 10 areas of her body. She said, "He did such an amazing job. It did take about eight weeks for the swelling to go down, but now I'm skinny again!"

But this wasn't the first time Girardi has dabbled in the world of plastic surgery. She previously admitted to getting a nose job after appearing on The Bachelor and there were also unconfirmed reports that she got a boob job as well.

No one got the scoop on Raven Gates' breast implants

Raven Gates was runner up on Nick Viall's 2017-2018 season of The Bachelor before ultimately falling in love with fiancé Adam Gottschalk on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4. Like many other reality stars, Gates faced plastic surgery speculation as she graced our TV screens.

In May 2017, Gates tweeted a screenshot of an email that she allegedly got from an In Touch Weekly reporter, which claimed the outlet had "doctors who believe that she's had a breast augmentation" (via BuzzFeed). In an epic clap back, Gates revealed she did in fact have a boob job, but she was going to be the one to tell everyone, not them. In a now deleted tweet, she wrote, "Yes I did!!! 5 YEARS AGO!! And I'm proud of it. So go report that In Touch Weekly." (For reference, Gates is shown above left in a throwback photo from her high school prom, and right, at red carpet even in Las Vegas in April 2019). 

And while her breast augmentation was long before her time on the show, fans also speculated that Gates had a nose job after appearing on The Bachelor. She never responded to these rumors, but given how open Gates is about the work she has done, it doesn't seem likely. Gates even mentioned plastic surgery in her Bachelor bio, saying that as she ages she will "use cosmetic procedures to [her] advantage, but tastefully done."

Cassie Randolph admitted to fillers, but that's it

Colton Underwood famously jumped a fence when Cassie Randoplh tried to leave The Bachelor. While the two had a messy split earlier this year that involved a restraining order, that's not the only drama Randolph has faced since being on reality TV.

Fans have called Randolph out on social media for getting too much filler after being on The Bachelor, but in June 2019 she cleared up the rumors. In a since-deleted Instagram Q&A, Randolph got real with fans about what cosmetic procedures she has and hasn't done. "So yes, I have gotten lip filler before, but I try and keep it as natural as possible. ... I have gotten a little Botox in my forehead," Randolph confessed (via Life & Style Magazine). But that's all. She continued, "I've had people ask me if I've gotten jaw reshaping, cheek implants, chin something, nose, eyebrow lift — I don't know. The answer is no. I have not gotten any of those things."  

Randolph also concluded her Instagram post by encouraging fans to do whatever makes them feel happy and confident when it comes to plastic surgery. She said, "I think that your face is your face and you should do whatever makes you happy. I think that we, a lot of times, don't know why people do certain things that they do and so it's not our place to judge."

Kaitlyn Bristowe's transformation has a sad backstory

Over the years, Season 11's Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe has had a major glow up since her first appearance on The Bachelor in 2015. Some detractors, however, have accused her of going overboard with cosmetic procedures. Dermatologist Gary Goldenberg, who has not treated Bristowe, even told R Online that she allegedly shows "signs of cheek fillers, skin brightening, lip fillers, Botox, and even a non-surgical chin-lift."

But in 2017, Bristowe called out the haters who have negative things to say about her face. Gettin emotional on Snapchat, she said, "I'm crying. Not because people tell me I'm not beautiful anymore, say I get too much Botox, and ask WTF happened to my face. I'm crying because the world we live in makes me not want to bring beautiful innocent children into it. And that kills me." (via Distractify)

Bristowe finally also opened up in May 2020 about one reason why her appearance has changed over the years. In her YouTube video, "My Life Story," she revealed that she previously struggled with a Valium addiction, which led to unhealthy weight loss. She said, "I was about 93 pounds and that's when someone had to shake me and say, 'You can't live like this.'" As of this writing, Bristowe seemingly has not specifically addressed rumors about cosmetic enhancement, however, to one fan who tweeted about how much "younger" she looked in Bachelor re-runs, Bristowe simply replied, "I was..." 

Corinne Olympios got a new chin from the Kardashians' plastic surgeon

Corinne Olympios made her mark on the franchise during the 21st season of The Bachelor. Olympios quickly shot to social media fame after the show, and with hundreds of thousands of new followers, came speculation that she had plastic surgery. In November 2018, Olympios took to her Instagram Stories to deny the rampant speculation. "No, it's still me," she said (via E!), adding, "It is so sad that I felt the need that I had to come on here just after a shower — no makeup, no filter — and show you guys my face, because a lot of you seem to think I do plastic surgery on my face and you're all s**tting on me." 

And while Olympios had shut down plastic surgery rumors in the past, in March 2019, she got real with fans about a procedure she did get to boost her confidence. Olympios went to none other than the Kardashians' plastic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian for a chin contouring procedure. She posted a before and after shot on Instagram, and wrote about the experience: "I told u guys I'd always be honest with u! The side profile on the left was something that always irked me and I hated it. But I did something for my own self to fix it and make me feel more confident. No one should ever feel ashamed to do what makes u feel good, I mean gosh, YOLO! do you everyone."

Ashley Iaconetti thinks it's important to be honest about her cosmetic procedures

Ashley Iaconetti has become a staple in the Bachelor franchise over the years, appearing on The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, and Bachelor Winter Games — she even married fellow Bachelor alum Jared Haibon! Unlike some reality stars, Iaconetti is extremely open about her cosmetically enhanced transformation

On a January 2017 episode of her podcast, Iaconetti broke down all the work she's had done. Iaconetti, who got her first cosmetic procedure when she was in college, said, "These are the things I do get done, I'm gonna put it all out there because we're embracing that it makes us feel the best about ourselves." She admitted to getting both Botox and lip fillers and went into detail about exactly how much she gets and how often. Iaconetti revealed that she's gotten about 20 units of Botox in her forehead every three months since she turned 26 and she gets a half a syringe of lip filler every six months.

In an interview with Realself News, Iaconetti also explained that she thinks transparency about cosmetic enhancements isn't just about honesty, but also about responsibility. "I think it's good for Instagram influencers to be honest about what they do, because people are going to be out there asking, 'How do they look so naturally good all the time?' And that's because it's not natural," she said, adding, "Be honest so people aren't feeling bad about themselves."

Lauren Lane's lips are the only thing she's touched

Lauren Lane, who you probably remember by her maiden name Bushnell from Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, had a major glow up since she first appeared on the reality show. If you've been following Lane on social media since we were introduced to her back in 2016, you may have noticed her face has changed quite a bit. Fans have gone as far as saying she is "unrecognizable now from all the plastic surgery and injections" they presume she's had. 

Lane wouldn't confirm or deny whether she has had any plastic surgery since The Bachelor for a long time. She chose to play it coy, claiming things like she would draw the arches in her eyebrows higher with makeup, which made her appear to have that Botox-looking eyebrow lift.

During an Instagram Q&A in July 2020, however, Lane opened up more than she ever has. When a fan asked if she had filler in her lips. She replied saying, "I do! I've been asked this question a lot. I've done it a few times over the last five years. Last time I did it was over a year ago. I only do my top lip and hardly any so they look more natural." She went on and said that she has never gotten filler anywhere else but she is "all for cosmetic procedures in moderation if something makes you insecure."

Robby Hayes opened up about getting a new smile

Robby Hayes, who appeared on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, spoke to Us Weekly about why he decided to dabble in the world of cosmetic dentistry after appearing on reality TV. Hayes, who got veneers back in 2016 said, "The doctor is a good friend of mine and a huge fan of the show. Basically, I went in there looking for a slight touch-up... My teeth weren't bad to begin with, but I thought they could be a little better... He decided on the best dental plan for me, and him being my dentist, I trusted him and went that route. Very happy with the results!"

Hayes even went on to appear in promotional videos for his dentist, Dr. Jason Olitsky, who also goes by the Smile Stylist, where he discussed his veneer process and while recreating a rose ceremony with the dental office team. Fans have called Hayes out for having more work done than just his teeth over the years, but his veneers are the only procedure that he has confirmed.

The sad reason behind Jillian Harris' nose job

Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris revealed that she got a rhinoplasty in 2012 after being cyberbullied while on the reality TV show. Fans began to notice Harris' nose job on social media, and in 2015, she took to her website and explained why she got the plastic surgery procedure in a since-deleted post on her blog. 

Harris wrote (via HuffPost), "Some people are mean. I've found the best way to cope with this is to just feel sorry for them. How many emotionally wonderful people will jump onto the old world wide web and lash out at someone they have never met? Not many. So if someone says you're fat, have a hot dog nose (yes this happened, and yes I got a nose job because of it) choose the route of empathy instead of anger." 

Harris went on and explained that at the end of the day she loves her new nose and is grateful for the learning experience. She wrote, "Live and learn!!!! I love my new nose and am thankful for what it taught me!!!!" In her post, Harris also revealed that she hasn't had any other work done, but she has also gained more confidence from learning how to do her own makeup. Nothing wrong with that, but it's no secret that Harris, and all these Bachelor stars for that matter, are beautiful with or without makeup and plastic surgery!