The Real Reason Chantel Everett And Her Sister Don't Get Along

Chantel Jimeno neé Everett and Pedro Jimeno made their TV debut as star-crossed lovers on Season 4 of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé. Chantel was studying to become a nurse when she met Pedro while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Pedro and Chantel had a whirlwind romance that ended in a rushed wedding (for visa reasons), according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

As is the case with many 90 Day couples, Chantel's family did not support the union. They thought Pedro was using Chantel for a green card and insisted that he sign a prenup. In a super cringy scene, Pedro told his mom about the prenup, which she called "stupid," saying that Chantel was "lucky" that he was dating her. Pedro's mom spoke rapidly in Spanish, which Chantel couldn't understand. We can only assume Chantel's family was furious when that episode aired.

Miraculously, though, Chantel and Pedro ended up married and living stateside. In fact, they made such an impression on 90 Day fans that TLC gave them a spinoff, The Family Chantel. It wouldn't be a 90 Day franchise without a healthy dose of drama, so to ensure plenty of conflicts, TLC made sure that Chantel's divisive and argumentative family was front and center. Turns out, that was a good idea because the contentious relationship between Chantel and her sister, Winter, is worthy of any reality TV network. Read on to find out why Chantel and Winter don't get along.

Men came between Chantel Everett and her sister

If 90 Day Fiancé has taught us anything, nothing causes more conflict in a family than a disagreeable relationship. Chantel Jimeno experienced that first-hand when she married Pedro Jimeno despite her family's objections. That definitely caused some ill will on both sides, but surprisingly Pedro isn't the cause of Chantel's estrangement from her sister Winter. Instead, it's Winter's love life that's divided the family.

First: some background. Winter and her longtime boyfriend Jah have a very complicated relationship (and that's putting it kindly). In the first season of The Family Chantel, the fam found out that Jah had a secret child he'd been keeping hidden from Winter... for six years! Incredibly, Winter didn't rush to leave him when that little detail came to light.

While Winter might have been able to stomach the betrayal, the rest of the family had some serious problems with the way Jah treated her. Case in point: in a Season 2 episode, Chantel and Winter have an explosive argument about Jah. Chantel called her out, telling her that Jah treats her like a "doormat." The fight then escalated to the point that Winter called Chantel a "b****,"  and stormed out of the room.

"I don't believe that your sister called you a b**** in front of your mom, in front of your father," Pedro said to Chantel, who, TBH, was probably just happy the family was fighting about someone other than him for a change, per People.