Weston Richey And Emily Salch's Relationship After Love Island USA

It seems like just yesterday, we were rooting for the sometimes awkward and other times too-perfect relationships formed on the first season of Love Island USA. The show, which is based on the UK series Love Island, is now two seasons deep. It follows attractive young people who rotate in and out of a dream villa with the goal to find love. The show keeps contestants on their toes, because new people are constantly thrown into the mix. If a player is not coupled up, they may be kicked out of the villa. 

With Season 2 couples now figuring out life in the real world, it begs the question: What happened to the couples from Season 1? Unfortunately, the winners from the premiere season, Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber, did not make it in the real world. Runner ups Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart also eventually broke up. However, one underdog couple seemed to have a promising start in their new life together once the show ended. Here's a look at Weston Richey and Emily Salch's relationship after Love Island USA.

Emily updated fans about their relationship

Weston Richey did not have an easy time finding his match on Love Island USA, but he was able to stay in the game each week with his on-again-off-again fling with Kyra Green. His luck seemed to change when the young and vibrant Emily Salch entered the villa. The two hit it off fairly quickly and enjoyed each other's company for the rest of the show, making it to the top four couples.

They were still going strong in the fall of 2019, months after Love Island filming ended. Emily even posted a sweet photo to Instagram to express her love for her man (per The Cinemaholic). "Our journey was not easy or perfect but since day one we have been 100% genuine with each other, have communicated with love and respect, truly listened to one another, and have had each other's backs when times were rough," she wrote, "We may not have been the winners of Love Island, but we are winners in life."

Since then, the pair broke up and reunited a few times before calling it quits for good, according to Emily's May 2020 YouTube video. They have been absent from each other's Instagram pages — in fact, Weston's Instagram is now private, and Emily does not follow him.

Sadly, none of the Love Island USA's Season 1 couples has fared too well for the long haul. Hopefully Love Island USA's Season 2 couples stand a better chance.