What Happened To Katie Rost After Real Housewives Of Potomac?

The fifth season of The Real Housewives of Potomac delivers nothing short of its usual drama from the wealthy Black elites of Potomac, Maryland. However, for longtime viewers of the show, the franchise failed to deliver on the return of two OGs of Potomac: Charrisse Jordan and Katie Rost. As Gizelle Bryant said on The Breakfast Club, Charrisse's RHOP departure happened because she wanted to focus on her personal life. For Katie, however, her leave from the show had an alternative reasoning. As she shared in a since-deleted tweet (via Bustle), she was apparently fired by Bravo for her uninspired storyline.

Viewers hoped to get one more chance to see Katie in her collection of poorly fitted wigs and her shady backtalk to the members of the cast. The Potomac-born model appeared in Season 4 of the show as a part-time cast member. Although Bravo is missing "the Katie Factor" due to her exit, Katie's been living the drama off-screen. Between breakups and custody battles, this is what Katie Rost has been up to on her side of the Potomac.

Katie Rost hasn't been successful in the love department

During her time on Real Housewives, we saw Katie Rost in a pressure-filled pursuit to walk down the aisle with her then-fiancé Andrew Martin. The "ball and gala" enthusiast would later reveal on the season one reunion that she gave Martin his princess cut engagement ring back, symbolizing that the engagement was off. Katie further explained why the two called it quits in a post-reunion Bravo interview: "Sometimes you have to step back in a relationship. I don't want to speed into marriage and have it not work out once again."

The end of Katie's engagement to Martin didn't mean she would be single forever. As Page Six reported, The Real Housewives of Potomac alum moved on to a man named Jacob, who people speculated fathered her fourth pregnancy before she miscarried in 2018. By February 2019, she began dating a man named Jesse. The two were engaged for five months before calling it quits at the end of 2019. Katie announced the news of the end of her relationship via Instagram by posting a screenshot of a Page Six headline. The caption reads, "I honestly dont know a good way to call off an engagement. But page six did it for me." She continued, "I feel nervous about posting this, but screw it, maybe it will make questions at holiday parties easier. So, there it is in an article for me, breaking it all down."

Looks like Katie took a few lessons from Cynthia Bailey on being a runaway bride.

Katie Rost was involved in a legal custody battle

Outside of her tumultuous love life, Katie's drama extends further into her personal life as she was involved in a legal custody battle with her ex-husband and father to her three children, Dr. James Orsini. The former couple was married between the years of 2012 and 2016. In 2018, they entered a nasty battle over Katie wanting custody of their kids. The children stayed with Orsini in his New Jersey home shared with his wife Fanny Mendoza, while Katie still lives in Potomac.

According to Page Six, Katie claimed in court documents that Orsini allegedly abused her and used his political connections to manipulate the courts. Orsini's lawyer Alex Pastore denied Katie's allegations. "There has never been one ounce of evidence provided in any of Ms. Rost's pleading which would collaborate any such accusation," Pastore stated.

Katie told Page Six in 2019 that Orsini was still not budging. "There's been no shift in [James'] attitude. He's not willing to work with me," She said. "There's a lot of court process still, which is extremely draining and frustratingly slow. It takes a while, but I think in the end, everything will be resolved by some more intelligent judges than the ones I had before." In 2020, the Potomac alum shared an update on the custody battle via Instagram. When a curious fan asked whether she'd spend time with her kids on Mother's Day, Katie responded, "Yes, thanks for thinking of me. I will see them."

Rumors popped up about Katie Rost and a RHOP co-star

The Real Housewives universe is no stranger to rumors of cast members allegedly having affairs with one another. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, viewers were deeply intrigued by the drama surrounding Brandi Glanville's account of her alleged tryst with Denise Richards. In October 2020, Katie Rost found herself addressing a claim that she had a romantic encounter with one of the other The Real Housewives of Potomac cast members.

A since-deleted Instagram post by The Black Socialites shared a rumor regarding Katie allegedly trying to sleep with another RHOP star. The post, which would be shared by Twitter user @AmberMarchamp, provided a detailed account that alleged Katie hooked up with one of the Potomac OGs while "heavily intoxicated."

Katie, who previously came out as bisexual while on the show, responded to the story in a now-deleted post on Instagram (per Reality Blurb), writing, "I was going to bite my tongue, but as a bisexual woman who had a sexual relationship with a cast member when I was on the show — [it's] my own business and hers. It is mean-spirited and unnecessary to write this."

"We have a friendship that will last beyond this hateraid," she continued. "I am proud of that and of [the] love that we made. Think it's evil to shame us for what we had and have." We may never know who Katie got intimate with, and that's okay. Her personal life is just that.