Kamala Harris' Body Language During Her Victory Speech Says A Lot

Kamala Harris' body language during her victory speech said a lot about who she is as a person and her epic place in American history. Body language expert Lauren Cohen gave us insight into the speech made by Vice President-elect Harris.

The executive and career coach told us that Harris took the stage "confidently, powerfully and warmly." Cohen noted that "Harris' leadership style has been described as collegial and directive, and her body language showed that tonight. Harris often faces the nation straight on but occasionally tilts her head a bit, and it is probably deliberate to appear more vulnerable and more likable."

According to Cohen, there was a "tell" that occurred right when Harris began her speech. The expert said, "She almost immediately tucked her hair behind her ears when she approached the stage. This is usually a sign of openness and she most likely did not even realize she did it."

Kamala Harris has extra communication challenges

Body language expert Lauren Cohen notes that Kamala Harris' body language is especially important because of her revolutionary position in American history: "As a woman, and as our nation's first South Asian and Black vice president, Harris has to use nonverbal communication that does not label her as being angry or overly aggressive. Kamala has modified her body language over the course of the campaign to communicate warmth and strength while still being true to her actual personality and individual leadership style."

Since Harris is the first one through the door and breaking many norms, Cohen says Harris faces additional communication challenges: "She is all about showing strength and power, but there are marked differences between how men and women are perceived and there are additional differences in how women of color can be perceived. The same gestures are perceived differently when displayed by men vs. women."

The body language expert said the emotions the future vice president displayed when talking about her mother was authentic: "Tears in Kamala's eyes when she spoke of her late mother were as real as can be and very moving for the audience. Kamala is a skilled public speaker and her words and her body language communicated inspiration and hope for women and all Americans about following their dreams."