Here's How Chrissy Teigen Reacted To Trump's Election Loss

Supermodel, entrepreneur, and everyone's favorite Queen of Twitter, Chrissy Teigen has never seen eye-to-eye with President Donald Trump. Following the 2016 election, Teigen and her husband John Legend have been outspoken critics of the commander-in-chief, slamming everything from his scathing public insults to his handling of the violent rallies in Charlottesville, Va. In 2017, Trump infamously blocked Teigen on Twitter after she responded to his online complaints that Republicans were insufficiently protective of him by tweeting, "Lolllllll no one likes you." The feud only continued to worsen from there. When Legend appeared on a 2019 MSNBC segment to discuss the criminal justice system, Trump angrily took to Twitter to complain about "musician @johnlegend and his filthy mouthed wife," whom he felt didn't give him enough credit for his administration's efforts at prison reform. Teigen responded with an expletive-ridden tweet, while Legend shot back a barbed insult of his own.

Given their rocky history with the president, is it any wonder that the celebrity couple openly advocated for former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 election? Once news broke on Nov. 7, 2020 that the Democratic nominee was on track to become the president-elect after clinching a hard-fought win in Pennsylvania, Teigen took to her social media platform of choice to share her thoughts. Here's how she reacted to Trump's election loss.

Chrissy Teigen had a relatable reaction to Donald Trump's loss

Once again, Chrissy Teigen proved that she's just like us (well, mostly) by sharing a deeply relatable sentiment over the election announcement. "My god it feels like I just took off a weighted blanket, unhooked my bra and taken out my extensions all at once," she tweeted. Teigen followed up on her post with a slew of others, including a video she had taken from outside her home in Los Angeles, where it had recently rained. "Nature is cleaning itself. It's Los Angeles," the model can be heard saying in the background.

Teigen also trolled President Trump by bringing up a statement he had made in 2016, in which he claimed, "We're going to win so much, you're going to be so sick and tired of winning, you're going to come to me and go, 'Please, Mr. President, we beg you sir, we don't want to win anymore. It's too much. It's not fair to everybody else.'" Teigen wrote, "Lmao," in addition to sharing a recording of herself mocking his words. "Please tag the ex-president I'm still blocked," she urged her followers.

Of course, a celebration was in order for Teigen. The model opted for a bubble bath to commemorate the news, telling her fans, "It's a celebration." On Instagram, she also congratulated Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on her historic win, apologizing for cropping everyone else out of the photo to zero in on "MADAME VICE PRESIDENT!!!!!"

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend celebrated Joe Biden by dancing and cheering

But posting on social media was far from all Chrissy Teigen and John Legend did to celebrate America's newest president-elect. Shortly after news networks called the presidential election for Joe Biden, Teigen and Legend grooved in their bathrobes to YG's "FDT" featuring the late Nipsey Hussle, according to Billboard. When Beverly Hills remained "too quiet" for the jubilant star, who tweeted that she was "jealous of everyone in the streets partying," she and her husband laced up their shoes to take the party to the streets!

Teigen and Legend delighted crowds in West Hollywood by rolling up in their black SUV and cheering through the sunroof. Fellow celebrators captured the pair dancing and smiling as their vehicle cruised along Santa Monica Boulevard. An emotional Teigen tweeted, "Everyone is so happy I'm crying." Her mother, commonly known as Pepper Thai, reportedly joined in on the festivities and waved to onlookers from the front seat of the car.

John Legend campaigned for Joe Biden the night before the election

Joe Biden's win was a vindication of sorts for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, both of whom have been "consistently on Trump's neck since summer '16," as one fan tweeted. It's also a bittersweet moment, as the couple suffered a devastating miscarriage just a month before the 2020 election. In one of his first public appearances since the tragedy, Legend performed and spoke out against Trump at a Biden-Harris rally in Philadelphia on Nov. 2, 2020. 

"Some people see the meanness, the bullying, the selfishness of Donald Trump and they mistake it for strength, a kind of twisted masculinity," the 11-time Grammy award-winner said, per Billboard. "Some see his greed and they mistake it for being good at business. Some of your former favorite rappers have been taken in by these lies. I think they even founded a new supergroup, it's called the Sunken Place." Teigen was on hand to support her husband at the rally and later joined him on-stage. When it comes to preserving our democracy, for Teigen and Legend, it has truly become a family affair.