Melania Trump Apparently 'Cannot Wait' To Go Home To New York

With the 2020 election called for President-elect Joe Biden, Donald Trump has been making headlines for his refusal to concede. But Trump's stance isn't reflective of his entire family. In fact, according to CNN, his son-in-law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner, has been encouraging him to accept his loss.

But Kushner isn't alone in this position. According to the outlet, first lady Melania Trump has also been encouraging her husband to accept the results of the election and step down. As it turns out, many believe that Melania is the only one who can really persuade Trump to accept the election results.

One reason Melania might be more accepting of Trump's loss in the 2020 presidential election is because she apparently "cannot wait" to get back to her home in New York City. An insider spoke with host Rob Shuter on his podcast Naughty But Nice on Nov. 9, 2020 and spilled all the details about Melania's hopes for her post-White House life.

Melania Trump reportedly wants her old life back

Melania Trump reportedly misses the way things used to be, according to an insider who spoke with Rob Shuter on his Nov. 9, 2020 podcast Naughty But Nice. "For the past four years, Melania has missed her life in New York," the source claimed. "She loves the city and the lifestyle she used to have and cannot wait to get it back at Trump Tower. She basically put her life on hold to be with her husband in D.C. She never wanted any of this."

However, this idea that Melania never wanted a political life might not be true. Tatler conducted an interview with Melania for their November 2020 issue and explained, "Melania was involved in Trump's political career from the start." She was by Trump's side in 1999 when he declared on the Larry King Live show that he would run for president, so her role as first lady wasn't a shock to her. Plus, Melania knew Trump would win, as she told Tatler, "I did know that if and when he ran, he would win."

But now that Trump's presidency is over, Melania wants to get back to normal, especially for their son Barron, Shuter's source explained. Will Trump join them? According to OK! Magazine, Trump himself is expected to move to Mar-a-Lago in Florida and might not return to New York, especially since he tweeted on Oct. 12, 2020: "New York has gone to hell." So will it just be Melania and Barron in Trump Tower?

Here's what Melania Trump has been missing in New York

Melania Trump had a notable life in New York City prior to Donald Trump's presidency, which forced her and their son, Barron, to move south to Washington, D.C. In a decision that caused tabloid uproar, Melania delayed her move to the White House, as Forbes noted, and used the lag to renegotiate her prenup. Part of Melania's excuse was that she did not want to interrupt Barron's schooling. But it's also quite possible that she was not ready to leave behind her life in New York.

An archived article by Tatler from May 2005 called Melania "the unofficial Queen of New York." The piece described her life in their palatial Trump Tower apartment, decorated in the style of Louis XIV. Melania's life was precise and insular, just how she liked it. As Tatler wrote, "Melania's circle in New York is very tight and very private — by choice."

Melania lunched with friends and enjoyed lengthy visits from her family, according to Tatler. While she was not one for flashy, public exposure, Melania certainly crafted the life of her dreams. However, now that her time in the White House is over, can Melania really return to that idyllic life in New York?

Will New York be the same for Melania Trump?

It's going to be a very different world for Melania Trump in New York City post-White House. In fact, it's going to be an adjustment (to say the least) for the entire Trump family now that their time in Washington, D.C. is over.

While Melania is dying to get back to New York, she may never really be able to get back that private, glamorous life she once enjoyed. As CNN reported, for most of the Trump family, this transition will be difficult. For example, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are preparing to return to their old Manhattan circle even though that social scene "no longer welcomes them."

Of course, Donald Trump's scathing criticisms about New York throughout his presidency won't make the family's return to civilian life any easier. As Newsweek noted, Trump has used Twitter on several occasions to leave negative remarks about New York. As CNN noted, Ivanka and Jared have kept their Upper East Side apartment, signifying that they, like Melania, might have their eye on returning to their old stomping grounds. But the problem is, does New York want them?

As The New York Times added, when New York City heard the news that Joe Biden came out victorious in the presidential race on Nov. 7, 2020, the city erupted in cheers. So Melania and the rest of the Trumps might not receive such a welcoming reception should they choose to return.