How The Cameras Changed Miles And Karen's Relationship On MAFS

Miles Williams and Karen Landry were among the newyleds who decided to stay together on Married At First Sight Season 11. The two shared the rocky road that led them to their Decision Day reveal. Miles expressed skepticism over staying with Karen, due to her struggle to open up to her husband that she married on the same day they met.

While Miles tried his best to get his wife to feel more comfortable with him, Karen expressed how challenging it was for her. MAFS fans were shocked to learn that Miles initially thought about saying "no" up until the couple sat on the couch for Decision Day, Soap Dirt reported. He shared how his head and heart were in two different places. He even had thoughts of leaving Karen after the two tried to get to know each other during the four months of their marital experiment.

However, his heart told him that Karen was the woman for him and he should give their marriage a chance. So, how are they doing now?

Here's where Miles Williams and Karen Landry stand today

Due to Miles Williams and Karen Landry's commitment to the Married At First Sight process, the newlyweds were forced to live with each other for four months after eloping on the day they met. Fans felt sorry for Miles while watching the show, since they noticed him working hard to get Karen to open up to him, Soap Dirt reported. But, Karen needed her own space and time to get acquainted with her husband. 

According to the outlet, once the MAFS cameras left the couple alone for the four weeks leading up to Decision Day, that's finally when Karen felt comfortable enough to let down her hair and allow Miles to get to know the real her. The newlyweds revealed that when the cameras stopped rolling, that's when they actually started to feel like a real couple. 

Following their decision to stay married, Miles and Karen have shared their relationship update on social media to their 170k combined Instagram followers. "Flavor of the month," Miles captioned a November 2020 photo of the Lifetime couple. In another post from late October, he wrote a message to Karen, reading in part, "We know what we have and I am excited for the world to see the person I have gotten to know and care about since day one." Nice to see them standing the test of time.