The Real Reason Winter Everett Doesn't Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is a holiday that is known for bring families together. But leave it up to The Family Chantel to turn a Christmas-themed photoshoot into an insult-filled argument. Chantel and Winter Everett's scarred sisterly bond was made more prevalent in the second season of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff series. Winter's relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jah was met with criticism from her family — especially her sister Chantel, Cheat Sheet reports. 

After their mother, Karen Everett, hired a private investigator and learned of Jah's secret child, Winter moved back in with her parents. Once Winter revealed that she was considering giving Jah another chance, her family expressed their concern. The tension between Winter and her family boiled over into a November 2020 episode where Winter walked out of a Christmas family photoshoot due to her views on the holiday. Chantel didn't hold back her judgement over her sister's refusal to take part in a holiday they grew up celebrating. 

Chantel Everett and Winter Everett aren't so merry

While at a family photoshoot, the family matriarch Karen Everett pulled out a bunch of ugly sweaters for a family photo. However, things came to a halt when Winter Everett said, "I don't celebrate Christmas." Chantel Everett pointed out that Winter "celebrated Christmas your whole life" and asked, "What's wrong with Christmas?" But, while speaking to producers, Winter explained her views on the holiday. "I don't understand Christmas anymore," she said. "I think it's just about commercial ... They just want you to buy so much stuff and spend all your money. And it's like for what? Why?"

However, Chantel thinks Winter's real issue with the holiday is over her boyfriend Jah. "When my sister didn't want to wear the holiday sweater, I did make it about Jah because even though she's not even with him, he has changed my sister so much," she explained. "And he's been keeping her from celebrating holidays with us, and seeing her extended family." 

Winter's frustration over Chantel's judgement led to a war of words between the two sisters. "I really am tired of you dragging me around, treating me like I'm a f****** doormat," Winter shouted at Chantel before storming out. When Chantel remarked that this fight was happening "All because of Christmas," her sister had a not-so-merry response. "All because you're a f****** dumb*** b****!" Winter yelled. Yikes. Tis' the season to be jolly... er, guess not.