The Truth About Winter Everett's Weight Loss Journey

Georgia resident Winter Everett has been transparent about her weight loss journey and self-esteem issues on TLC's The Family Chantel. The younger sister of the show's star, Chantel Everett, has also shared the ups and downs of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Jah. Fans have taken a liking to Winter's down-to-earth nature on the show, and she has 39,000 followers as of this writing.

In Season 2's "Ugly Sweaters, Painted Beards" episode, Winter shared her first consultation appointment for bariatric surgery, which is "done when diet and exercise haven't worked or when you have serious health problems because of your weight," according to Mayo Clinic.  The reality star revealed that, after learning of Jah's secret child in Season 1, she felt motivated her to adopt a healthier lifestyle. "It's not easy changing your life," she told producers, according to Screen Rant. "But after finding out the big news about Jah, I feel like it took that disruption in my reality for me to actually consider it." 

Curious to know more about Winter's fitness journey? We reveal the rest of her story here.

Winter Everett's got a new attitude

During Winter Everett's consultation appointment with Dr. Proctor, she opened up about her dieting and weight loss experience. "I have tried to diet before," she shared during a confessional. "But it never worked." She added how challenging it was for her to accept her body image, especially when Chantel Everett didn't have these issues. "Like, me and my sister lived the same life," Winter recalled. "We run, we're on the cheerleading team, we eat healthy, so it just didn't make sense to me." When speaking to the doctor at her consultation, the family's matriarch, Karen Everett, explained how Winter has always struggled. "Winter has always been... She was never really a small child," Karen said. "She's always been big."

With "Ugly Sweaters, Painted Beards" being filmed in December 2019, as noted by Screen Rant, Winter took to Instagram in July 2020 to give her fans an update on her weight loss. "The picture on the left was taken a few years ago. Back then I was around 330 lb," captioned the before-and-after photo. "Recently, in 2020 I completely changed my focal point. Instead of focusing on what I want I tried to focus more on WHO I AM. I'm happy to say that I have officially lost 50 lb since then. It was not an easy road but I made it. It's only down from here!"

Of course, every individual body is beautiful, and there's no "right" way to look. But if this transformation makes Winter happy, then more power to her. Way to go, lady!