Inside Brielle Biermann's Complete Transformation

Brielle Biermann first appeared on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta in October 2008 when she was only 10 years old. We all watched her grow up on reality TV, with her family eventually getting a RHOA spinoff show called Don't Be Tardy. Now Biermann is 23 years old, and throughout the years she's become way more than just Kim Zolciak-Biermann's oldest daughter. She is a breakout reality star in her own right with millions of followers across her social platforms.

As Biermann has gone from adorable kid to awkward teen to young woman in the public eye, fans have been along for the ride as she's completely transformed into the person she is today. From her high-profile relationships to the widely criticized lip fillers and everything in between, Biermann has definitely changed a lot since the world met her back in 2008. Let's dive into that transformation and take a look at how far Brielle Biermann has come.

Brielle Biermann has never been camera-shy

Ever since she was a little girl, Brielle Biermann has not been afraid of stepping in front of the camera. She made her first reality TV appearance at only 10 years old, but even before that, she wasn't too shy to strike a pose when cameras were around. Over on Instagram, Biermann has shared tons of moments from her childhood days with her family, such as sweet photos from holidays like Christmas and Halloween, with her 1.3 million followers. Fans have flooded Biermann's throwback pics with comments like "awwww so cute, you were born with that TV smile" and "look at those adorable dimples!" 

Then fans learned quickly during the early RHOA days that Biermann loved the spotlight from a very young age. In February 2019, Brielle spoke to 11 Alive about what it was like living such a public life as a child and from the sounds of it, she's always loved it. She said, "Growing up on reality TV, it's kind of like, just my life now. I don't even know what life was like before. ... I've been on TV since I was 10. So, I don't think I would want my life any other way. I feel like it'd be very boring."

Kim Zolciak-Biermann calls Brielle Biermann her 'side kick'

It's no secret that Brielle Biermann wouldn't be where she is today if it wasn't for her mom, Kim Zolciak-Biermann. Fans have thought for a long time that Biermann bears a striking resemblance to her mom, but it's not just their looks that are close. This mother-daughter duo share an extremely tight bond, and they have ever since Biermann was born. Zolciak-Biermann had Biermann when she was only 18 years old and raised her as a single parent for years. 

Needless to say, Biermann and Zolciak-Biermann share a very special connetion that's only grown stronger throughout their years in the spotlight. On Biermann's birthday in 2018, Zolciak-Biermann shared a heartfelt post about her firstborn. "My side kick, My heart, My strength, My pride and joy, My best friend, My daughter YOU amaze me!!" she wrote. "We made it Elle I always knew we would! You are such a blessing to this world! Thank you for making my 'job' as your mom an easy one." Similarly on Zolciak-Biermann's birthday in 2020, Biermann wrote that her mom is her "best friend, lover, and best mom ever."

Brielle Biermann's sister is her 'number one'

Similar to her relationship with her mom, Brielle Biermann has an incredibly close relationship with her sister Ariana Biermann. The Biermanns live a very public life, but the subject of Brielle and Ariana's biological fathers has remained fairly private. According to TMZ,  Zolciak-Biermann's father Joe Zolciak revealed amid a legal battle over grandparent visitation that Brielle and Ariana have different dads. 

Even through life's ups and downs, Brielle and Ariana always have each other's backs. Even as four new siblings have been added to their family, Brielle and Ariana have only grown closer over time. They share tons of photos together on social media with Brielle calling Ariana her "number one," her "best friend," and her "other half." The two also often refer to one another by their nickname for each other, Bobcat. Obviously, they've had their fights while growing up, like most sisters do. We just get to see theirs play out on reality TV.

Reality TV has been a major part of Brielle Biermann's life

Brielle Biermann has been on reality TV since 2008, but we got to know her on a whole new level when her family's Bravo show Don't Be Tardy premiered in 2012. Originally titled Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding, it began with the road leading up to Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann's nuptials. Over time it evolved into just Don't Be Tardy. The show is currently on its eighth season and over the years, and fans have gotten to see many of Biermann's major life milestones. And unlike some other reality star families, such as the Kardashians, the Biermanns have no plans of ending their reality show any time soon.

In an October 2020 interview with ET, Biermann revealed that she really hopes Don't Be Tardy will at least reach ten seasons, and went on to share why she would be disappointed if it ended sooner. Biermann told the outlet, "I would definitely be very sad ... I love it because I have my own, personal home footage I could always look back on and laugh, and see certain experiences that I've gone through that I completely forgot about that kind of made me who I am today. So, it'll be fun to show my kids that one day." Biermann's mom also chimed in during the interview adding, "It's the best job in the entire world. I never want to give that up. I can't see myself doing anything else."

Kroy Biermann became Brielle Biermann's father figure

Before she was Brielle Biermann, the reality star had her mother's last name, Zolciak. Until Brielle was 13 years old, she was raised by a single mom, and things changed in a big way when her mom met NFL player Kroy Biermann. In 2011, Kroy married Kim Zolciak, making her Kim Zolciak-Biermann. Not long after their wedding, TMZ reported in March 2013 that Kroy filed to legally adopt Brielle and her sister Ariana. By July of that same year, Kim and Kroy confirmed to E! that the adoption was finalized and the two girls took Kroy's last name. Throughout their time on reality TV, we've seen Kroy become a father figure Brielle and he's often the one Brielle turns to for advice.

On Kroy's birthday in 2018, Brielle shared on Instagram just how important their relationship is to her. She called Kroy "the most incredible father/friend i could ever ask for" and said he has "set the standard so high for what i should expect my husband/children's father to be like." Acknowledging the huge part he's played in her life, she added, "It takes a strong man to immediately step up to the plate and take the role of 'dad' at 23 years old but you did and I'm so glad you did!"

Brielle Biermann had low moments in high school

Brielle Biermann shared her high school experience with fans over on Don't Be Tardy, and on the reality show she seemingly spent more time thinking about boys than studying. However, that didn't stop her from getting the full high school experience. While Biermann shares many of her high school highlights on Instagram like from prom, sporting events, and graduation, she also faced some dark times during those formative years. Biermann made it through the good and the bad times of high school and graduated in 2015.

Zolciak-Biermann opened up to Glamour back in 2013 about how the her public drama, especially with her parents, was impacting her kids. She told the magazine that "even six years ago with Housewives" she didn't have to worry about what people were saying to her kids on social media, but of course, that all changed over time. "My daughters didn't have Twitter, so I could guard them," she explained. "But now the stuff hits the press in 10 seconds. With my mom bashing me, it put my family in a bad place. And Brielle — people in school say stuff to her."

Then in 2018, after a school shooting in Texas, Biermann took to Twitter to reveal that she had been bullied in high school, and that's never an excuse for violence. She wrote, "I was bullied. I was beat up. I've been thru it all in high school.. but I over came it. This is absolutely sick and there's no excuse for his actions." 

A future in entertainment journalism for Brielle Biermann?

While there are some downsides of growing up on TV, like being picked on at school for your mom's public drama, it also has some major perks. Brielle Biermann's mom is obviously very well connected in the entertainment industry because of her time on Real Housewives, and that led to Biermann getting to live out one of her biggest dreams at only 18 years old.

As Don't Be Tardy viewers know, Biermann has opened up about her interest in pursuing a career in broadcast journalism; when she was a teenager, she shared pictures she took with famous TV hosts, like her "idol" Giuliana Rancic and Andy Cohen. And so, mom used her famous connections to help Biermann land a screen test audition at E! News. In a 2015 episode of Don't Be Tardy, Biermann took fans along as she visited the E! News set in Los Angeles, read off the teleprompter, and interviewed R&B singer Monica. During the episode, Biermann burst into tears when she got to meet former E! News host Giuliana Rancic. After chatting with Rancic, Biermann said (via Daily Mail), "I've never cried over a celebrity before but seeing her in person...she's the person I idolize. For her to be so nice, it feels like a dream."

Biermann hasn't really done much in the way of TV hosting in recent years, but it seems like that could totally be an option for her down the road. We all already know she's comfortable in front of the camera!

Brielle Biermann went through a messy breakup

As Brielle Biermann has grown up in the public eye, we've gotten to see some of her high-profile relationships both come and go over the years, including her two-year romance with Chicago White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech. After getting together in 2016, the two were seen packing on the PDA both on Don't Be Tardy and on social media.

As ET reported, their relationship even got serious enough that they even discussed marriage and moving in together. Unfortunately, the couple split up in 2018 after Kopech wanted to go on a break and asked Biermann to wait for him. In February 2019, Biermann spoke to Too Fab about their split saying, "I was like, 'I'm not gonna wait on you, dude. You clearly wanna go f**k around. You think I'm stupid? I'm not stupid. I'm not gonna be waiting for you to return. I have a life, too.' He was like, 'In a year, we can date.' I was like, 'Are you insane? No.'"

Kopech went on to marry and subsequently file for divorce from Riverdale actor Vanessa Morgan. And since Kopech and Morgan's split, fans have been wondering if Biermann and Kopech could get back together. It doesn't seem like that will be happening any time soon because in May 2020, Biermann told Us Weekly that Kopech actually blocked her on social media after their breakup.

Mom didn't want Brielle Biermann to move out

In 2018, Brielle Biermann, who spent the majority of her life living with her parents, finally got her own place. On Don't Be Tardy, fans saw Kim Zolciak-Biermann disappointed that her daughter was leaving the nest, but that didn't stop Biermann from going out and finding a place of her own.

During season seven of Don't Be Tardy, Biermann gave fans a tour of her Atlanta new digs and showed off the incredible views of the city. And yet, her mom still managed to find things to criticize about the beautiful place because she didn't want her baby girl to move out. When Biermann took her family to see her condo, Zolciak-Biermann said, "Come home sweetie, I'm ready." Biermann hadn't even moved in yet.

It seems like Zolciak-Biermann eventually came around to the idea of her oldest daughter growing up and moving out because Biermann took to Instagram to share a piece of custom art her mom got for her to hang on the wall of her new place. Alongside the artwork Biermann wrote, "SO obsessed with this piece @kimzolciakbiermann got me as an early bday present for my condo! ... thanks mamaaaa."

Brielle Biermann is honest about her cosmetic work

Since fans met Brielle Biermann at only 10 years old, we have gotten to see her transformation as she's grown into a young woman. But not all of the changes to Biermann's face have been au naturel. The reality star has been open with fans about her cosmetic procedures, but that hasn't stopped trolls from criticizing her look. Ever since Biermann started getting her lips done in 2015, she has received waves of backlash. However, the criticism doesn't seem to bother her too much.

In February 2019, Biermann told People in an interview that she'd always wanted to get lip injections and she loves her fuller lips. "Literally since I was 14 I was like, 'I have to have my lips done right when I turn 18,'" she said. "If I could've done it sooner I would've and I don't regret it. I don't think I've gone overboard like people claim." Biermann revealed that while she brushes off what the haters say about her lip filler, she did admit that, "in some pictures they do look a little crazy but I feel like in person they're actually not." 

Then in February 2020, Biermann had her heavy lip fillers dissolved and redone to make them look more natural. Her doctor documented the process on social media writing, "@briellebiermann has been through a lot with her lips. I am happy that her mom found me and I was able to give her a better lip shape." 

The Biermann ladies threw their hats in the beauty ring

In 2019, Brielle Biermann, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, and Ariana Biermann took a page out of the Kardashians' book and launched their own makeup line, KAB Cosmetics. The name has a sweet meaning behind it — no, it's not cab like a taxi. KAB is actually each of their first initials made into an acronym. Cute right?! Their cruelty free products started with lip kits, somewhat similar to Kylie Jenner's, but over the past couple years they've expanded to contour kits, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, blushes, lip oils, and more. The inside the KAB Cosmetics packaging reads, "People will stare. Make it worth their while." It might just be the most fitting Biermann slogan ever.

"Their passion for beauty evolved into creating their most favorite shades of lip kits that are authentic to their very own personal beauty routines," reads the KAB Cosmetics site. "Perfecting each step, KAB Cosmetics has developed from a dream into a reality."

The brand is sold online and it has also appeared on HSN. Brielle, Ariana, and Kim all model for their brand and often share snaps from their shoots on social media. So for anyone who says Brielle doesn't have a real job, she is a makeup company co-founder, a reality star, an influencer, a model, and so much more!