Chrishell Stause Debuts Eyebrow-Raising New Look At The People's Choice Awards

Chrishell Stause has been a fan favorite ever since Selling Sunset debuted on Netflix. Fans have seen her experience heartbreak when she was surprised by Justin Hartley filing for divorce. Both of her parents passed away within a two-year period — something that she's been very open about, both on Selling Sunset and when she was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars

As if these hardships weren't enough to get fans to root for Stause, she has a sweet personality to boot. Her rivalry with Christine Quinn has blessed the fandom with some exciting drama to watch. And, on a somewhat trivial note, she also has the most beautiful hair that seems to look effortlessly perfect at all times. Well, almost all times.

The reality TV star stepped outside the box as a presenter at the 2020 People's Choice Awards. She opted to add bangs to her look, which garnered a lot of response. Considering how much love Stause gets all the time, there were some people praising her for just switching things up and loving her appearance regardless of the hairstyle. The bangs did get some critiques from the Twitterverse, but considering how out-of-hand Twitter has been in 2020, some lighthearted shade about a less-than-perfect hairstyle isn't the worst problem to have — especially for someone like Stause, who has been through a lot in recent years.

Chrishell Stause's new look

Before the 2020 People's Choice Awards, Chrishell Stause gave fans a preview of her look by sharing a video on Twitter. She told her followers, "I just put my dress on, [I] just put my bang on, and let's do this." 

One Twitter user remarked, "Chrishell omg this hair is not it. this cannot be real." Another replied, "Omg what in the Kim Zolciak is this?!" referencing Kim Zolciak and her famous love of wigs. A different commenter declared, "Chrishell these bangs are a HARD NO."

Someone told the reality TV star, "Chrishell honey we need to talk about these bangs." Another user shared, "Chrishell's hair is a mess!!!" Despite the negative feedback, some of Stause's loyal fans did support her for switching things up. One supporter told Chrishell, "yasssssss queen werk those bangs!!!" Another praised her, writing, "OMG STUNNINGGG!!"

Truth be told, Chrishell Stause always looks amazing. More importantly, though, she always brings a great energy to everything she does, which just adds to her beauty. Even so, it's safe to say that some people prefer the signature look when it comes to her hair.