The Family Chantel: How Pedro Really Feels About Nicole's Boyfriend

Chantel Everett's family is somewhat confusing — so let's break it down. Chantel and her relatives first rose to fame when the young nurse appeared on 90 Day Fiancé with her now-husband, Pedro Jimeno. Chantel and Pedro met while she was on vacation in the Dominican Republic, and they quickly got engaged.

Soon enough, Pedro was on a 90-day visa to the states (with a camera crew in tow) trying to plan his dream wedding to Chantel. The only problem? Chantel's family was not into Pedro. They found it suspicious how rushed the whole thing appeared and told the couple they wouldn't come to the wedding unless Pedro signed a prenup. It turned out there was no way for them to draft a prenup before the wedding, so they ended up tying the knot with only some of Chantel's family in attendance.

Miraculously (and we mean miraculously because this is 90 Day Fiancé, after all), Chantel and Pedro are still together, and Chantel's family has (sort of) grown to see him as one of their own. TLC even gave them a spinoff, The Family Chantel. The Everetts might have accepted Pedro, but there's still plenty of family drama. Season 2 of The Family Chantel focused on Pedro's side of the family and the messy relationship he has with his sister's boyfriend. So why the beef? Keep on reading to find out.

Pedro doesn't trust his sister's boyfriend

The trouble started when Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett took a quick trip to NYC to visit friends and family. While in the "Big Apple," Chantel and Pedro took the time to grab dinner with Pedro's sister Nicole's (pictured left) boyfriend, Alejandro (pictured right). Let's just say it was super awk. "My first impression is I don't like that guy." Pedro said of meeting Alejandro, "I hate Alejandro."

Pedro especially didn't like Alejandro when he learned he was married. "I feel so betrayed," he told Entertainment Weekly after the episode aired. Pedro wasn't just annoyed with Alejandro — he was also shocked that his little sister would find herself entangled with a married man. "This was not something I expected from her. "It hurts because she knows what our mother went through. Our mother was with our father, and he secretly had another family," Pedro explained. "[Nicole] promised me she would never make the same mistakes our mother made, but look at her now." By all accounts, Nicole seemed to be doing just fine. She was in good spirits when Pedro called her after meeting Alejandro.

But Pedro isn't the only family member to have issues with Alejandro — his mom also isn't a fan. She even kicked him out of her house during a visit! Talk about drama.