Why Chantel And Winter Everett Weren't Close When They Were Young

Chantel and Winter Everett's damaged sisterly bond surfaced in Season 2 of The Family Chantel. Tension between Winter and her family arose following her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jah, Showbiz Cheat Sheet reports. In Season 1, Winter was left heartbroken and decided to move back in with her parents after the family matriarch, Karen Everett, hired a private investigator and learned of Jah's child that he kept hidden from her for six years. 

However, despite his scarred past, Winter told her family that she was considering giving Jah another chance. The decision was met with concern from her family and judgement from Chantel. The drama boiled over into a Christmas photo shoot after Winter reminded her family that she doesn't celebrate the holiday, something Chantel thinks is because of Jah. 

"I feel like you're going down the wrong path," Chantel told her sister. "And don't let me get started with Jah, Winter." While speaking with producers, Chantel explained her belief that Jah changed Winter for the worse. "When my sister didn't want to wear the holiday sweater, I did make it about Jah because even though she's not even with him, he has changed my sister so much," she claimed. "And he's been keeping her from celebrating holidays with us, and seeing her extended family."

Winter felt 'compared' to Chanel growing up

In an attempt to rebuild their relationship, Chantel and Winter Everett went out to the club together in a November 2020 episode of The Family Chantel. But the only thing they realized is how different they are. Winter finally opened up about her self-esteem issues as a result of being "compared" to Chantel and how it caused a strain during their childhood. 

"I want a relationship with my sister!" Winter said through tears during a fight with Chantel. " ... I didn't have one at all when I was young, and that's the truth. And I always wanted one, and I didn't have it."

"Me and my sister's relationship, it's forever evolving," Winter told producers. "There was a point in time when I was younger and we weren't as close, and it was around the time when we were both going through puberty. So, we weren't close to each other like we used to be." 

She went on to explain how she used to try and change the way she looked due to the comparisons to Chantel. "I was always compared to my sister, and I used to wear a whole lot of makeup," she recalled. "I hated my curly hair. And I did a lot of things to make myself look different because I'm not her. So being consistently compared and stood next to it was hurting. It hurt and it was damaging. It really did, it damaged my self-esteem."