The Surprising Inspiration Behind Ariana Grande's 34+35 Music Video

Ariana Grande released her sixth studio album, Positions, on Oct. 30, 2020. If there's one major consensus about the album, it's that Grande embraces the NSFW side of life. Take the track "34+35," for example. (Hint: just add the two numbers together and you'll get the gist of what Grande's singing about.)

The 14-track album features some major collabs, with big names like Ty Dolla $ign and The Weeknd offering up their talents on "Safety Net" and "Off the Table," respectively. Some of the songs deserve a bit of a deep dive, including "Positions," which has an underlying political message. Don't believe us? Just check out the music video for the song. There's also a lot worth investigating in the song "Love Language," which even has fans guessing what Grande's love language might be.

"34+35" and it's accompanying music video are also worth a second look (or listen). Here's the hilarious inspiration behind it.

Grande channels major fembot energy

Ariana Grande released the music video for "34+35" on Nov. 17, 2020, and it is cute as heck. Grande acts as both a scientist in a lab and the lab's research subject, who is first covered in armor and then *poof* transforms into a fembot and brings the whole research team with her. Fans of Austin Powers will instantly recognize the fembot reference and it's the perfect nod to her ultra-seductive lyrics. As Entertainment Tonight notes, "34+35" is "by far the most lyrically explicit" of all the songs on Positions.

Grande was actually nervous about releasing the song, as she revealed on the Zach Sang Show in October 2020. "I just think it's ridiculous and so funny and stupid," The pop star said of the song. "We heard the strings that sounded so Disney and orchestral, and full and pure. And I was just like, 'Yo, what is the dirtiest-possible, most opposing lyric that we could write to this?'"

The singer also shared her fear about the sexy track: "The thing about this song that has been my fear since the beginning is that it would distract from the vulnerability and the sweetness that is the rest of the album." "34+35" totally fits on the album and the fembots!? Come on ... fans are loving it.