Pam Anderson's Sons Grew Up To Be Total Hunks

Unless you were living under a rock in the '90s, you'll recall the infamous romance and subsequent hasty marriage of Mötley Crüe's reigning bad boy Tommy Lee and the buxom, blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson. And while the marriage proved to be short-lived with a divorce only two years later (and a highly controversial sex tape), the pair did manage to make not just one, but two adorable little boys during their short time together: Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee. An heir and a spare for the Rock 'n' Roll King and Queen, if you will. 

During an interview with People in 2015, Anderson was adamant, however, that her sons were the product of real love. "I had beautiful children with him. My kids are grateful to be born out of true love. Everything else I was trying to piece together," she revealed.

So, what are the Lee brothers up to these days? And are they still managing to find themselves front and center to the paparazzi lenses like they did most of their childhood? Keep reading after the jump to find out.

Brandon Lee is carving out his own path

Brandon Lee has not only dabbled in fashion modeling — walking for Dolce and Gabbana several times (via Da Man), he's also tried his hand at reality television. Growing up with the likes of the Jenner clan, it's really only the next natural step for famous Hollywood spawn. Brandon was featured on the 2019 reboot of The Hills, The Hills: New Beginnings.

During an interview with Elle in September 2019, Brandon opened up about his decision to be featured on the show. "Before The Hills, nobody knew what I was like," he explained. "Why not let them know I don't have a chip on my shoulder; I'm calm; I show up on time; I'm not crazy or entitled?" Brandon also added, "More than anything, I wanted the separation. I wanted people to see me for me and not my parents. This is the way." And it sounds like he did just that! Mission accomplished.

And like father like son, Brandon is perhaps most proud of his sobriety. In June 2019, Brandon spoke candidly about his decision to lead a sober life. "Three years ago, I was in one of the darkest spots of my entire life," he revealed to Interview. "I didn't want to leave my apartment. I couldn't do anything." Once he did take the leap, his life improved vastly. "Ever since I got sober, I just feel like everything's gotten better for me." 

Dylan Lee is a chip off the ol' block

Dylan Lee, the youngest of the Lee brothers, appears to have taken a page out of his dad's book, following in his footsteps and carving out a music career for himself. And it appears he's all in, telling W magazine in 2017, "If I'm in for the night, I'm writing music. I'm either playing the piano, playing the guitar or producing on my computer. That's usually my night everyday. Music, music, music!"

In fact, in May of 2020, the young aspiring talent celebrated a major win when his project Midnight Kids dropped the EP The Lost Youth. "Everyone's excited," he gushed during an interview with Us Weekly. "Everyone supports the project. Everyone's, like, gung ho about it." But make no mistake about it — while he may be the real deal when it comes to music, he's also had his own foray in the world of modeling just like his big bro, modeling for Saint Laurent.

"I was just a surfer kid who liked going to the beach in swim trunks — I didn't really have a fashion sense," he explained during an interview with The Daily Front Row in 2017. "Someone reached out to my agency for a casting he was holding, and as soon as I got there, he kicked everyone else out." WOW! Something tells us he must have made quite the first impression...

Brandon Lee's true passion is acting

There's no doubt about it — Brandon Lee has definitely dabbled in other interests, but acting remains his one true love. During an interview with Town & Country, he explained that his famous mom is the one who knows the most about his acting aspirations. "My mom knew how seriously I was taking my acting career," Brandon said in 2019. "I grew up running from the camera, but these last couple years I've been seeking it out in a different way."

And it appears he's doing just that. While he's certainly delved into reality television, it appears he's also been hard at work on other roles. According to his IMDb profile, he's had roles in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018), Cosmic Sin, and Zero Road (2020).

Something tells us this talented young man is going places! However, there is no word yet as to whether or not he will appear on any reboots of Baywatch yet. Kidding... Kind of.