Inside Henry Rodriguez And Olivia Cornu's Relationship After MAFS

New Orleans residents Henry Rodriguez and Olivia Cornu both didn't get their fairytale ending on Season 11 of Married at First Sight. But, it's possible the divorcees started a friendship after the cameras stopped rolling. As viewers already know, experts matched Henry with Christina Crochet and Olivia Conru with Brett Lindsey. But each couple ended the season how they started — single as a dollar bill. 

Although experts paired couples in hopes of their different personalities bringing out the best in each other, the plan failed when it came to Henry and Olivia's partners. Henry, deemed "The Reserved Gentlemen," turned out to be too calm for "The Princess Bride" Christina. Fans watched as Christina confronted Henry about his laid-back personality and demanded to know if he was interested in her, a tactic that didn't sit well with Henry. Henry tried to assure his new wife that he was happy with their marriage, but Christina always seemed primed to start an argument. The final straw for Henry was when Christina claimed to have received text messages accusing him of dating one of his male friends. On Decision Day, Christina tearfully apologized for embarrassing Henry on national television. However, the damage was done. As for Brett and Olivia, they also ended on bad terms.

Post-show, it appears Henry and Olivia have been hanging out, sparking speculation about a possible romance. We reveal whether there's any truth to the rumors. 

Are Henry Rodriguez and Olivia Cornu a thing?

Olivia Cornu was already single on Decision Day because her now ex-husband, Brett Lindsey, skipped out on her in the middle of the marriage experiment. During the Married at First Sight reunion show, Olivia called her ex-husband an "a**hole," as noted by Soap Dirt. After two tumultuous experiences on the show, MAFS fans began expressing how much of a better match Olivia and Henry Rodriguez would have made. 

With many of the Season 11 crew living in New Orleans, their social media activity after the show has shown them keeping in touch. Woody and Amani Randall and Miles and Karen Williams linked up with Olivia and Henry for a group date in November 2020. Olivia shared a photo slide from the night out that included a solo shot with Henry. "Wait so is this a thing," one excited fan asked in the comments. "Olivia and Henry! Ooo I'll be so stoked if it is!" The remark received over 1,400 likes and over 90 replies as of this writing. It's clear MAFS fans have their fingers crossed on the possibility of a romance brewing out of Olivia and Henry's budding friendship — but is there anything to the speculation?

Olivia and Henry haven't shared pictures of each other since the group hangout, and they haven't publicly addressed the rumors. So we think it's safe to say these two are just friends, although we aren't opposed to this matchup. Both Olivia and Henry work in health care, and they seem to have similar personalities. You never know, right?