This Is What Brielle Biermann Is Looking For In A Boyfriend

Brielle Biermann is a popular reality star who has grown up in front of the camera. She has garnered millions of followers, brand endorsement deals, and even launched her own makeup line all through the success of her family's Bravo show Don't Be Tardy. After her mother, Kim Zolciak Biermann, rose to stardom as a Real Housewives of Atlanta OG and landed her own spin-off reality series, Brielle has built a name for herself as a celebrity socialite. 

She, like Kylie Jenner, is a young reality star who launched a cosmetic company, in addition to being transparent about getting lip fillers. In February 2020, she opened up about dissolving her lips after she realized "how crazy it looked." Aside from sharing her cosmetic enhancements, Brielle hasn't shied away from sharing details about her romantic life on social media and on-screen. In 2018 she split from White Sox player Michael Kopech after two years of dating. The following year, she was rumored to be dating UCLA baseball player Justin Hooper. The two were spotted attending Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul's wedding, as reported by Distractify. However, by November 2019, Brielle confirmed that she was "single" during an Instagram Q&A. But what's Brielle looking for from her next relationship?

Brielle Biermann isn't looking for love in this city

After Brielle Biermann's breakup with ex Michael Kopech, he went on to marry and divorce Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan. In May 2020, Brielle revealed that there were no hopes of her and Kopech even being friends again because he "blocked" her on social media, as noted by Distractify. After not being romantically linked to anyone for over a year, the Bravo star opened up about her single life and how many guys have slid into her DMs. "All types of peeps [slide into my messages]," she told Us Weekly in September 2020. 

She went on to reveal how "a ton" of celebrities have attempted to shoot their shot with her, but nothing has come from it, as noted by Bravo. According to Brielle, many of her DM interactions have been "weird." But, when it comes to what Brielle is looking for in a boyfriend, it's definitely someone who lives outside of her city. "See what I'm looking for is somebody who doesn't live in Atlanta, so I have a reason to travel and get out of my house," she shared with Us Weekly. "So, until I find that, it's not happening." Looks like a guy from LA or NYC has a strong chance of snagging her attention. Get to work, fellas!