The Voice: The Real Reason Ryan Gallagher Had To Leave The Show

Season 19 Voice contestant Ryan Gallagher shockingly had to call it quits ahead of the show's highly-anticipated live performances. On the first live episode of the season, which aired on Nov. 30, 2020, host Carson Daly revealed to viewers that Gallagher "had to exit the competition" (via Today). The Voice hopeful's final episode aired on Nov. 24, 2020, during which he competed in the show's 4-Way Knockout.

The news of Gallagher's exit raised a lot of questions and many fans wondered why he abruptly left the show. In the beginning of the season, Gallagher opened up to The Voice coaches about the fact that his mother had been hospitalized with COVID-19, which, according to Entertainment Tonightcaused many to believe that his exit was family-related. However, Gallagher quickly shut down those rumors by taking to his Instagram Story to let fans know that his family was doing just fine.

So what was the reason behind his sudden departure? Keep reading to find out. 

Ryan Gallagher's departure from 'The Voice' might have been COVID-19 related

It turns out that COVID-19 might have played a part in Ryan Gallagher's exit from Season 19 of The Voice. On Dec. 1, 2020, Entertainment Tonight reported that "Gallagher broke The Voice's strict COVID protocols and therefore wasn't allowed to continue in the competition out of concern for keeping the coaches, crew and fellow competitors safe.

Needless to say, producing live television amid the coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge, with many shows implementing COVID-19 guidelines and regulationsET also noted that "The Voice looks a little different this season amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with safety glass distancing the coaches and team members and separate performance spaces on stage for the Battle and Knockout Rounds." 

As of this writing, Gallagher has yet to make a public statement about his departure, but did post to his Instagram Story, saying (via ET), "I didn't drop out of the show. Details are still to come, I'll keep you posted.