Why Blake Moynes' Art Work Made Bachelorette Fans Cringe

During one of the group dates on The Bachelorette, the guys did various art projects to express themselves and open up to Tayshia Adams. They sketched, they made self-portraits, and they also sculpted clay while blindfoldedMost people went the emotional route with their art projects, with Ben Smith creating an infinity symbol out of clay to represent his time with Tayshia. And then there's Blake Moynes, who went the preteen route, sculpting a penis and giggling. What does that have to do with the time he has spent with Tayshia? 

Sure, the room laughed a bit, as if they were in a middle school art class, but Twitter users felt all sorts of uncomfortable. Blake went from being the guy who "broke the rules" to DM Clare Crawley about her mother's medical struggles during the coronavirus lockdown and reading a book about Alzheimers to... creating phallic art. At best, he is just a well-rounded guy, but social media is not usually a place to point out the best in reality TV content. Instead, many fans threw a lot of shade in his direction.

Blake Moynes made some fans feel uncomfortable

After Blake Moynes displayed his penile arts and crafts project, one The Bachelorette fan asked, "How is Blake still here? Anyone?" Someone else shared a photo of Ivan Hall looking perplexed and wrote, "Ivan represents all of us watching Blake make a MODEL D**K OUT OF CLAY TO REPRESENT HIS TIME WITH TAYSHIA WTF." Another person admitted, "Blake makes me uncomfy." Someone else said his artwork was "really tacky."

Many fans pointed out that it was pretty ironic for Blake to make a penis sculpture immediately after he claimed to be relieved that he did not "have to" get naked on the date, with one person tweeting, "Blake talkin bout sex but complaining about almost having to get naked again. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE." A different fan tweeted, "Blake complaining about being naked on tv and then making a penis. Alright." While many viewers were bothered by Blake's sculpture, one person tweeted, "Blake made a penis as a symbol of universal love? I knew I liked him for some reason."

Even though Blake's only been a part of Bachelor Nation for a couple months, his journey has kept everyone guessing, that's for sure. But no one expected him to go there during the arts and crafts session.