The Rule Blake Moynes Broke Before The Bachelorette Started Filming

"The most dramatic season ever" is the catchphrase we are all used to hearing before each new season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. While there have been some explosive moments in the show's history — like jumping fences, getting wild in a windmill, and being ditched on an island, to name a few — season 16 of The Bachelorette is off to a promising start.

First, the show made waves when former Bachelor contestant Clare Crawley was announced as the franchise's newest leading lady. Revealed around the same time as her 39th birthday, Clare is the oldest Bachelorette in the franchise's history. However, the coronavirus pandemic halted production just hours before Clare was set to meet the men who would be vying for her heart. After that, there were casting change-ups, uncertainty about whether or not the season would get the green light, and the announcement of the next Bachelor. But, on top of the aforementioned chaos, it was reported that Clare fell in love with one of the men just two weeks into filming and quit the show. She was allegedly replaced by Bachelor Nation alum Tayshia Adams.

Also, It has now been revealed that Clare and contestant Blake Moynes broke an important rule before filming. While Clare has been a firm believer in trusting the process and even tweeted her insistence to "respect the rules," this seems to be a complete 180-degree turn. Here is the rule Blake Moynes broke before The Bachelorette started filming.

Blake Moynes reached out to Clare before 'The Bachelorette' started filming

In a new sneak peek, Entertainment Tonight revealed that Clare Crawley and Blake Moynes had contact prior to filming. Blake made sure people knew why he reached out in a confession to the camera. "Clare posted on Instagram on a story that she was really struggling right now because of what her mom was going through in the hospital. So, I wanted to check in if she's OK," Blake clarifies in the clip. Clare's mother has Alzheimer's and dementia.

It seems that Blake slid into her DMs with kindness in his heart, but Clare was not totally cool with his gesture. In the preview clip, Clare sits Blake down and explains that his defiance of the rules was troubling for her. "So, over quarantine, it was really hard for me. And I didn't want to bring this up, but there are these weird rules that we have to follow for the show of not contacting somebody, and you were the only guy who reached out to me the entire time," the Bachelorette said. "So, you broke the rule that you're not supposed to contact somebody."

The clip ends with Blake looking concerned and Clare does not reveal if she answered him. However, Clare did admit to researching the contestants on the internet during the production halt, according to host Chris Harrison (via Entertainment Tonight). Fans will have to tune into the premiere to see how the talk plays out.

What we know about rule-breaking Blake Moynes

While Bachelorette fans will hopefully learn more about Blake Moynes and how the conversation with Clare Crawley wraps up after the season 16 premiere, we do have some information on the rebellious contestant. First, he is Canadian and has two siblings: a brother and sister, according to his Instagram. His family also owns three dogs, who he also refers to as his siblings. Blake's Instagram labels him as a "wildlife enthusiast" which he clearly demonstrates through his adventurous photos. Finally, he seems to be ready for love, and posted that he craves a love story similar to The Notebook.

There are no clues about how far Blake, who is ten years younger than Clare, according to US Weekly, makes it in her season, but rumors indicate that the man for which Clare quits her seasons is not Blake, but former football player Dale Moss. Clare has already opened up about her connection with Dale, telling Entertainment Tonight it felt "electric" when they met. "It was one of those intangible, goosebumps all over the body [things]," she gushed.

Will Clare Crawley's season be the most dramatic ever?

With all this drama related to Clare Crawley's Bachelorette season already out in the open, season 16 is promising to be quite dramatic. Plus, Chris Harrison did tell Clare she "blew up The Bachelorette," which seems pretty serious. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Harrison broke his silence about what he meant by the explosive statement. "Turbulent. Tumultuous. Dramatic. Wild," he assured. "Bachelor Nation and the world are not ready for what happened inside the [bubble]," he added, speaking of the show's quarantined location in Palm Springs, Calif. "It is unlike anything we have ever seen on this show before. I know I say that sometimes, but I truly think we have outdone ourselves this time."

In regard to being told she "blew up" the show, Clare told ET what she thinks Harrison meant. "I think he's basically referring to that this is a season like no other," the hairdresser explained. "It was one of those things where, there was a lot of different things that played into it being such a dynamic, different season, that I think it's definitely going to blow people's minds." It is safe to say that there is a lot of hype about season 16 of The Bachelorette being a chaotic one, and we will have to make judgement as it all unfolds on ABC.