Why John Stamos Once Had The Olsen Twins Fired

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been in the spotlight since they were six months old when they landed the iconic role of Michelle Tanner in the hit '80s and '90s sitcom Full House. They warmed the hearts of millions as they graced television screens across America following their eight-season run on Full House.

The twins pleased their young fan base with shows like The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley and by starring in movies like Holiday in the Sun, Passport to Paris, and their final film, New York Minute. They also expanded their brand to books, accessories, fashion lines, and more, which helped the twins become the youngest self-made millionaires at age 10, per The Telegraph.

2004's New York Minute would be Ashley's last main role as an actress, and while Mary-Kate slowed down, she did pick up some gigs throughout the years like in the Showtime series Weeds and in 2011's Beastly. However, the famous sisters ultimately decided they had enough fun in front of the cameras and pursued high fashion instead. "I'd love to be a hundred places at once but I can't be," Ashley told The Telegraph in 2008 in regard to why she chose to focus only on fashion. "I'm a CEO and I can't not be present."

While it took the twins reaching their late teens to decide to stop acting, it turns out they once had the decision made for them. This is why John Stamos once had the Olsens fired.

John Stamos was not happy with the Olsen twins' acting

Being cast on Full House at less than a year old, it's safe to say Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were still actresses-in-training when they joined the hit series. That didn't matter to John Stamos, who portrayed (Uncle) Jesse Katsopolis. He admitted on a press tour to having the adorable twins removed from set one day when they wouldn't stop crying.

"It's sort of true that the Olsen twins cried a lot," Stamos explained (per Entertainment Weekly). "It was very difficult to get the shot. So I [gesturing], 'Get them out...!' That is actually 100 percent accurate." Mary-Kate and Ashley didn't just leave for the day, though. Production ended up replacing them with a new set of twins, but quickly realized they weren't fit for the role. "They brought in a couple of unattractive redheaded kids. We tried that for a while and that didn't work," Stamos continued. "[Producers] were like, all right, get the Olsen twins back. And that's the story."

It's difficult to imagine Full House without the hazel-eyed, blonde Michelle Tanner energetically yelling, "You got it, dude!" Luckily for fans, they didn't have to.