The Bachelorette: The Truth About JoJo Fletcher's Engagement Ring

JoJo Fletcher is probably one of the most beloved Bachelorettes of all time. In addition to having millions of followers on Instagram, JoJo has tackled a number of projects since her time on the hit ABC reality series, including starting her own clothing line and hosting a home flipping show with her season's winner and fiancé Jordan Rogers. If you haven't seen Cash Pad yet, do yourself a favor and stream the first season on Peacock. It's filled with the couple's playful antics. 

While JoJo's productive and entertaining career attracts a lot of her followers, it's her dreamy relationship with Jordan that really drives fans crazy when it comes to the Texas native. The duo have been inseparable since leaving The Bachelorette engaged and have been candid about their relationship (and wedding planning!) on both of their Instagram accounts. So much so, that in August 2019, the couple revealed that Jordan re-proposed with a second show-stopping rock. 

According to founder and CEO of Ring Concierge Nicole Wegman (via Elite Daily), "[w]hile her original ring was gorgeous, Fletcher just wasn't quite in love with it." Wegman went on to explain, "[o]n the show you're given a few already made rings to pick from and those are your choices, so [Jordan] picked one that he thought she'd like best but really none of the options were what he would have designed for her."

And trust us, her second sparkler is definitely a must-see. 

JoJo Fletcher's second sparkler is invaluable

JoJo Fletcher's second engagement ring is oh-so dreamy. Not only does it feature a trend-worthy oval-cut center stone, but it's also completely customized to better fit her fashion-forward style. Elite Daily reports that the new engagement ring JoJo and Jordan "settled on [is] a five-carat oval diamond set in Wegman's signature Whisper Thin band. They also decided to go with yellow gold this time around to match the rest of [JoJo's] jewelry." 

JoJo's first engagement ring that she received on the finale of The Bachelorette featured a similar oval-cut diamond but with less carats, and was set in white gold accessorized with pave diamonds versus a cleaner, more classic band. It was by jeweler Neil Lane, of course, considering he is the official jewelry designer for The Bachelor franchise. 

It seems safe to safe to say that JoJo's second engagement ring suits her better than the first sparkler. It also has a bit more sentimental value since JoJo and Jordan could work together to find the perfect ring to solidify their love for one another. In an Instagram post shared by Jordan, he wrote, "I always wanted to re-propose, with no cameras, no producers, no drama ...just us. Our first engagement was so real, and meant so much to us both, but as we start to actually plan our wedding for next year I wanted to do it all over again, OUR WAY!"