Brett Lindsey Says These MAFS Stars Are Different Off Camera

Brett Lindsey went into Married at First Sight looking for love, but he walked away a divorcee and the villain of Season 11. The experts matched "The Serial Dater" with Olivia Conru ("Ms. Sugar and Spice") with the hope that their differences "would inspire each other." However, by Decision Day, Olivia was left alone after Brett skipped out on their relationship mid-way through the televised marriage experiment

Prior to exiting the show, Olivia tried to reach a common ground with her husband in hopes of staying together. "My biggest thing in all of this was communication," she told Brett privately. But instead of communicating, Brett remained silent and showed little interest in engaging in the much-needed discussion. "Well, I find it extremely irritating when people don't accept the answers you give them," he said while explaining what upset him earlier in the day.

Olivia continued, "I'm frustrated because I feel like we started off at a high point and I feel like we're maybe leaving here on a low point." Together, they were one of two couples that decided not to stay together and Brett's actions weren't well received by viewers and the other married couples.

Brett Lindsey called out the 'mean girls'

After Brett Lindsey's early exit played out on national television, viewers and members of the cast had a less than favorable impression of him. In November 2020, Brett responded to fan questions on Reddit and expressed his surprise with "how different" he felt his cast mates were once the cameras stopped rolling. After telling fans how fans they would be "extremely surprised by how different everyone is off camera," he went on to call out the "mean girls" on the cast. 

"Olivia and Amani formed the mean girls clique and everyone towed the party line for the most part," he explained to Married at First Sight fans. "I was always under the impression that Henry and I got along really well," he said about fellow season 11 newlywed Henry Rodriguez. "When I saw him on Unfiltered and the reunion talking negatively about people, it quite honestly caught me off guard." Like Brett, Henry walked away from the show a divorcee following a pretty messy split with Christina Crochet. 

In November 2020, Brett took to Instagram to share a photo with his new girlfriend during a visit to Married at First Sight's Bennett Kirschner's house, showing fans that he at least made one friend from the show.