The Real Reason The Internet Is Pitting Chris Pratt Against Jack Black

It's been a long-running joke that the gaggle of classically handsome Hollywood dreamboats we call "the Chrises" (made up of Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt) are, despite their immense talents, practically interchangeable. It looks like Twitter, however, has decided to take it a drastic step further. On Dec. 2, 2020, denizens of the Internet posited a theory en force involving one of the aforementioned Chrises, specifically Chris Pratt. As one Twitter user put it, "Jack Black could replace Chris Pratt in anything that clown has ever been in." Sadly for Pratt, it looks like the majority of Twitter agrees.

As the New York Post reported shortly after the indirect challenge — that not only is actor and comedy genius Jack Black better than Chris Pratt, but that Black could outdo Pratt in any role Pratt has played, but not the other way around — was issued, social media users came out in droves to provide examples. So what did they come up with? And what do Black and Pratt have to say about it? Read on after the jump to find out. 

Jack Black stans took to Twitter to prove he could outdo Chris Pratt

As the New York Post reported, after the de facto challenge was issued for Twitter users to prove why they thought Jack Black could outdo Chris Pratt in any role Pratt has ever played, many were quick to provide examples as to why, in a Black/Pratt match-up, Black would hypothetically win every time. 

"Jack Black could do Guardians of the Galaxy but Chris Pratt couldn't do The Holiday," tweeted one user, invoking both Pratt's Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise and the classic holiday romcom in which Black starred opposite Kate Winslet. "Jack Black could play Andy Dwyer and Starlord (truthfully, he can play it all) but Chris Pratt couldn't play Dewey from School of Rock or Nacho from Nacho Libre," said another, referencing Pratt's Parks and Recreation and Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and Black's School of Rock and Nacho Libre all in one go. 

While many took to Black's side, unfortunately for Pratt, dissenters were few and far between. As for where the actors themselves fall on which side of the debate, nothing can be said for certain; neither Pratt nor Black have commented on the ongoing Twitter trend at the time of this writing. Suffice it to say, we hope that both will see it as a bit of fun, and maybe even join in with a role swap with some of their most famous characters.