Inside Olivia Plath's Tense Relationship With Her Sister

TLC fans of Welcome to Plathville know Olivia Plath is estranged from her husband Ethan Plath's parents, Kim and Barry Plath. What fans didn't realize until recently is that Plathville star Olivia has a tense relationship with her younger sister Lydia Grace.

In November 2020, Olivia's little sister tried to set up an interview with reality TV blogger Katie Joy. Joy's YouTube channel Without a Crystal Ball covers reality TV, with some focus on Christian fundamentalist reality shows. Without a Crystal Ball digs deep into reality shows like Sister Wives, Welcome to Plathville, and of course, the family that started the "fundie" reality show trend — the Duggar family. The Duggars are the Kardashians of Christian fundamentalist reality television.

Of course, we were sorry to hear about more bad things happening in Olivia's life. It's bad enough that Olivia and Ethan are cut off from the Plath family (and all of Ethan's younger siblings). Add to that the fact that Ethan's parents think their daughter-in-law is a bad influence on their oldest son, as well as Micah and Moriah Plath. The Plathville parents also believe Olivia is possessed by evil spirits, according to a 2019 video posted by Without a Crystal Ball. Um, what?

Now we find out Olivia has fallen out with her baby sister? How much can one reality TV star take? Keep reading to learn more about Olivia's sister and her attempt to spill her story to one of our favorite reality TV bloggers.

Olivia Plath attempted to protect her family

Olivia Plath of Welcome to Plathville reached out to reality TV blogger Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball after learning her sister Lydia Grace had asked Joy to interview her. In a Without a Crystal Ball video posted on Nov.18, 2020, Joy explained that Olivia's sister Lydia Grace wanted to talk about leaving the Christian fundamentalist world, in the hopes of helping others. Joy then confessed that Olivia from Welcome to Plathville reached out, asking her not to interview her little sister. 

TLC fans of Plathville are aware that Olivia's family isn't part of the reality show. Olivia apparently asked Joy not to interview her younger sister to protect the privacy of her mom, dad, and other siblings. In the end, Joy decided not to interview Olivia's sister, in order to protect the privacy of Olivia's family. 

Olivia shared her backstory on Without a Crystal Ball in November 2019. Olivia was raised in rural Virginia in a big ultra-conservative, religious family. According to Woman's Day, Ethan and Olivia met at a Christian family summer camp back in 2014. The camp experience was also the reason Olivia's family ended up leaving their fundamentalist Christian church. 

There have been some reports that Olivia is estranged from her sister, but we haven't been able to verify this information. All we've been able to find is that sisters Olivia and Lydia Grace have a tense relationship, and that's just part of sisterhood sometimes.