Inside The Transformation Of Don Jr.'s Ex-Wife Vanessa

Vanessa Trump, the ex-wife of Donald Trump Jr., is one of the Trump family's most private members. Vanessa and President Donald Trump's oldest son share five children. Vanessa filed an uncontested divorce in 2018 after more than 12 years of marriage. The transformation of Don Jr.'s ex-wife Vanessa is stunning in several ways.

The ex-Mrs. Donald Trump Jr. appears to stay out of the spotlight by design. Vanessa was raised in Manhattan's Upper East Side, but she is dedicated to being a good mom these days. Vanessa's Twitter bio is all about the kids: "I'm a Mother of 5 amazing kids. My children are my life!"

Vanessa's marriage to the president's son was not exactly a happy one. According to Page Six, friends warned her not to marry Don Jr. and after the wedding, the situation didn't improve. A source told Page Six, "She was interviewing divorce lawyers before [Trump's presidency]. No one thought he'd win. He won and she decided to stay until his term is over. But she just couldn't stand it anymore."

A 2018 GQ profile about the president's eldest son noted Don Jr. had an affair during his marriage. According to GQ, the divorce was due to "Don's political transformation and volatile social-media presence." It's hard to know the true reasons behind divorce, but Vanessa's divorce is part of her transformation, keep reading to learn more!

Vanessa Trump's marriage to Donald Trump Jr. was not a fairy tale

Vanessa Trump's marriage to Donald Trump Jr. was not a fairy tale. As shocking as it may seem, Don Jr. was not the most supportive husband. The New York Times sources reported that Junior did not spend a lot of time at home while the couple was married.

According to Times, Don Jr.'s appearances on The Apprentice resulted in women "throwing themselves" at Donald Trump's oldest son. Us Weekly alleged that Don Jr. had a serious affair with Aubrey O'Day in 2011. The outlet reported the president's son told his wife about the affair and planned to leave Vanessa: "He told [O'Day] it was over with his wife, that they were separated and he didn't love her — all of that stuff... Aubrey fell for him hard." But Don Jr. changed his plans to run away with the reality star, and the couple stayed together.

Divorce expert Dr. Karen Finn explained on her website why infidelity is so painful to the betrayed spouse. Finn says the betrayed spouse's self-esteem plummets after infidelity: "When you discover your spouse has cheated on you, you immediately wonder what the other person has that you don't. You jump to the conclusion that you must be lacking in some fundamental way because your spouse chose to be with this other person instead of you."

The mom-of-five kept going, and you need to keep reading to learn more about Vanessa's stunning transformation!

Vanessa Trump has a good relationship with the Trump family

Vanessa Trump appears to have pulled off the impossible: She maintains a good relationship with the Trump family, despite her divorce from the oldest Trump son. Since President Donald Trump and his eldest son tweet their grievances to millions every day, Vanessa's ability to stay out of the line of fire shows mad skills.

Donald Trump Jr.'s ex-wife remains silent about the family's dirty laundry while posting positive family messages on social media. Vanessa's 2019 tweet to Donald from his grandchildren is one example of how she tries to stay in the family's good graces. It appears Ivanka Trump and Vanessa are committed to keeping the Trump cousins close after the divorce. Vanity Fair reported Ivanka and hubby Jared Kushner want to remain on good terms with Vanessa.

In an act that might put her in the ex-wife hall of fame, Vanessa cooked a second Thanksgiving dinner in 2019 for Don Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle and all the kids (via Daily Mail). Another possible reason Vanessa is able to stay on the good side of the Trump family? They think Vanessa is smart. Her decision to hire New York attorney David Feureisen to represent her in her divorce turned some heads (via New York Times). Feureisen's expertise as a criminal defense lawyer seemed like a way to cover all her bases. 

Vanessa Trump transformed inside and out

The transformation of Donald Trump Jr.'s ex-wife Vanessa Trump is beyond stunning. Her external transformation is easy to see in Vanessa's hair color and style. The mother has transformed her hair color from a bright, faux blonde color during her days as Mrs. Don Trump Jr. to a more nuanced blonde. Vanessa's post-Trump hair color weaves a range of blonde and light brown highlights, resulting in a classy and natural look. The "Barbie" vibe is gone, replaced by a sophisticated beauty in her 40s.

One of the reasons Vanessa can take such a positive approach to her post-divorce life? We'd love to tell you Soul Cycle or meditation, but it's cash. According to Page Six, Vanessa's dad owned 30% of Rao's Speciality Foods, a pasta sauce company. When the company was sold in 2017 for $415 million, Vanessa's family received a windfall payout.

Vanessa's payout doesn't take away from the other things she's doing. It's clear from media coverage and social media posts the former Trump wife is taking the high road. Page Six reported that the judge in their divorce case, Judge Michael Katz, praised Vanessa and Don Jr. for putting their kids first in the divorce. Judge Katz said: "You have prioritized your children and taken steps to shield them from what could have been an invasive litigation process."

It appears Vanessa is following her truth north, trying to be the best person and mother she can be.