Whatever Happened To These Stars Of 60 Days In?

When A&E dropped the first episode of 60 Days In in 2016, audiences were intrigued — but also a bit skeptical. The idea was simple, if not a bit startling. But unlike any other reality show airing at the time, with A&E's catalogue then consisting of Hoarders and Storage Wars, the premise was this: several willing participants spend two months — or 60 days — in prison, per Variety

With some of the Average Joes among us populating county jails for as long as they could stand it (all for the sake of highlighting criminal justice system reform), a critic for The Guardian felt the set-up was "compelling," but called the docuseries itself "exploitative" and "morally dicey." The series was initially met with other lukewarm reviews, and Reality Blurred even claimed, "When law enforcement's only hope is this kind of reality television, there is no hope." While the episodic format given to viewers via reality television is sometimes a bit too glossy, 60 Days In was different. It was gritty, unpredictable, and funny. As the series continued — stretching across six seasons with a seventh on the cinder block horizon, as of this writing, and multiple seasons landing on Netflix — it became a staple among reality TV audiences.

As is often the case with successful reality stars, many of 60 Days In's participants have gone on to make the most of their fifteen minutes of fame. What's happened to all of your favorites since their televised time behind bars?

This 60 Days In star is a nice guy who finished in good standing

Zac Baker appeared on the first season of 60 Days In as a mild mannered, seasoned veteran who served in the Marines, per A&E. At the time, the Tennessee native was leaving behind a newborn son and his wife, Ashleigh Baker, who would later appear in Season 2. Zac's military experience would come as a strength. With the plan to one day work in law enforcement as a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent, he was able to integrate himself in the prison system, gain the trust of other prisoners, and go through his time behind bars smoothly. "I've had police departments reach out to me for employment," he later told People. "I think it has been a really positive experience."

He also went on to win audiences over with his easy going temperament and family man sensibilities — and since then, all appears well! Zac shares an Instagram page dedicated to his and Ashleigh's family, where the couple can frequently be seen engaging in fun activities and photoshoots with their two young sons, Riker and Gavin. According to her personal Instagram — aptly named unashamed — Ashleigh splits her work time between YouTube, Twitter, and her mildly scrutinized OnlyFans account. 

Meanwhile, Zac told Bizarre Bazaar in 2020, "I work at a machine gun range in Las Vegas." And his own Instagram? It's bare with the basics: military photographs, memes, his family, and pranks pulled on Ashleigh. That's the Zac we love!

Maryum Ali of 60 Days In fame is channeling 'the greatest'

Season 1 of 60 Days In was certainly fruitful with fan favorites, including the surprising Maryum Ali, whose claim to fame at the time was that her father was none other than legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, per A&E. But this reality star is more than just her namesake. As the oldest of the nine Ali kids, Maryum has dedicated her life to bettering her community. 

Before appearing on 60 Days In, the Chicago native worked with the Los Angeles Mayor's Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development for fifteen years. After surviving the docuseries by keeping a low profile, she's similarly kept her head down while staying busy with work. Her private Instagram — which boasts a cool twenty thousand follower count and pretty blue verified star — lists both "social worker" and "public speaker" in the bio. Meanwhile, her website notes that she's been "developing a 3-year pilot program that will provide comprehensive services for youth and families." Maryum is also working with DMTL, an organization working toward providing gang prevention, as well as youth and family development services. We love to see it.

Maryum has also occasionally protected her famous father's reputation while discussing his influence. "We are his mouthpiece," she once told ESPN. "People will want to know what he was like as a father... what did he teach you... what would he think... And I can only guess based on how well I think I know my father."

What's Matt Reed been up to since 60 Days In?

When Matt Reed was introduced on the fourth season of 60 Days In, his original intention was to "advocate for human rights and reform in the Criminal Justice System" (via A&E). With his long, scraggly hair and devotion to his faith and family, it was clear the former prison chaplain was going to be one to watch. Matt would certainly fulfill this role tenfold, later being dubbed the show's "weirdest" contestant by Reddit users

However, his oddity reign would come to a premature end when he left the prison early in order to "protect" his son, Andrew, who was located in a nearby pod. What exactly he was protecting him from remains unclear, but in November 2020, Matt tweeted out advice supposedly given to him by those at A&E: "Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story."

Since leaving the docuseries, Matt has continued his multi-faceted work outside of TV while spending quality time with Andrew. "I'm an academic, I teach [religious studies and philosophy] at the college level," he told the Truth Be Told podcast in 2019, adding that his emphasis at the time was on logic and critical thinking. Matt is also a former world class fighter, who's continued to train MMA fighters. Oh, and Matt has also changed his look by chopping off his infamous locks, tweeting in July 2020 that he "made a deal with Andrew that if he cut his hair I'd cut mine."

You can still see Don of 60 Days In fame on the small screen

The ever-charming Don entered Season 3 of 60 Days In with the respectable, if not slightly ambitious, goal of helping "inmates get better access to education and resources for rehabilitation," per his A&E bio. This goal came from the violence and racial profiling he was exposed to as a result of growing up in the projects of Delaware with a father who struggled with addiction and imprisonment. Throughout the season, Don remained collected and kept his cool — for the most part. He often argued with correction officers who he thought were abusing the power their positions gave them. His valiant, motivated efforts proved to win audiences over as he quickly became a fan favorite. His habit of repeatedly saying, "Know what I'm saying?" even became an endearing trait. 

Since then, that same charm that led Don through his time behind bars relatively easily would also lead him to lots of tangible success. He has made an appearance in a Minute Maid Ad, which then got featured in the glossy pages of People magazine. In addition, Don has also been seen in a series of various reaction-based YouTube videos with his daughter, which have garnered millions of views to date. 

While he is still continuously recognized from his time on 60 Days In on Instagram, Don seems to be a far cry from the televised inmate he used to be, memes and all. 

This 60 Days In star has kept a super low profile

A mention of this participant might get 60 Days In fans a little heated. Over the course of the fourth season, Stephanie — a.k.a. the self-proclaimed "odd one out," per A&E – truly lived up to her nickname. 

Stephanie went into her season with the big-hearted intention of better understanding and connecting to those in her life who have continuously lapsed into life-shattering prison sentences as a result of criminal activity. Despite her good intentions, she unfortunately didn't seem to appeal to viewers like some of the season's other participants due to her behavior. Throughout the season, Stephanie repeatedly alienated herself from the other inmates and generally treated the program as though it were a competition, wanting to "win" it by whatever means — even if that meant treating her fellow participants in a seemingly cruel manner. By the end of her stay, it seemed Stephanie's original goals were completely forgotten. 

Ever since her televised prison stint, Stephanie has kept an incredibly low profile, with no social media accounts to be found. This is likely an effort to avoid the hatred her behavior on the show has garnered: There was even a hashtag reinvigorated by the audience's collective backlash, the aptly named "#f**kstephanie." Yiiikes!

60 Days In's Jaclin Owen has opened up about her tragic loss

Acting as the more grounded counterpart to Stephanie's edge, Jaclin came into Season 4 as a quiet, focused, and ambitious paralegal with an interest in seeing how the law functions within the prison system (via her A&E bio). While she appeared to be in a very fortunate position, her success did not come without a shadow. Less than a year after giving birth to her first child at age 17, Jaclin's daughter passed away. This loss led Jaclin to involve herself with the "wrong crowd" and use drugs — but she was able to spin her life around in spite of her troubles. Throughout the season, Jaclin seemed to be distressed more often than not, having panic attacks and lashing out at her cellmates. Her time on 60 Days In was cut short. 

Since then, Jaclin and her husband, Justin, have made an appearance on an episode of Dr. Phil, entitled "Our 11-Month-Old Died and I'm Being Blamed." During their conversation with Dr. Phil, it was revealed that their late daughter, Madalin, passed away due to suffocation after sleeping in the same bed as the couple, for which Jaclin still feels massive, overwhelming guilt. 

While we can't say her time with Dr. Phil helped her with certainty, Jaclin appears to be doing well on her Instagram, where she posts about her daily life. She even met up with other 60 Days In stars in November 2020. We're glad to see it! 

This prison angel of 60 Days In fame is going behind the scenes

As soon as she appeared on the fourth season of 60 Days In, writer Angele Cooper made audiences and inmates alike swoon. With her easy going, romantic charm and broad, white smile, it was difficult for anybody to look away. Angele quickly got close with another inmate named Gabrielle. While building a connection with other prisoners was one of her original intentions – in order to understand her loved ones' own prison "trauma" and aid in "their rehabilitation" — their relationship seemed to be more than simply surface-level affection. 

The heart wants what the heart wants. However, a line was quickly crossed when it was implied that Angele let Gabrielle in on her affiliation with 60 Days In. This slip would turn urgent very quickly. Angele had to first be removed from the prison, which immediately caused suspicion among the other inmates. But it was when Gabrielle revealed the truth to them that all of the other 60 Days In participants had to be pulled out of the program. 

Since the end of her season, Angele has mostly shied away from the public eye. She keeps her Instagram private, with only a link to her Vimeo page in the bio. Not only is she making short films, but she has launched her own production company. Per The Austin Chronicle, Alpha Female Films is an Austin-based production company with a tight focus on providing a platform for queer and intersectional voices. Angele only gets dreamier and dreamier! 

Is this 'underdog' still a 'diehard' fan of 60 Days In?

Mark Din has always been transparent about who he is. He has never put on airs, even coming onto the A&E show while immediately claiming to be a "diehard" fan of 60 Days In (via A&E). With his sincere nature and expressive eyes, the former corrections officer quickly had audiences rooting for him as he navigated prison life during Season 5. 

Mark has since used the exposure the show gave him in order to launch his own YouTube channel, which doubles as a podcast — the aptly named Awkward Fist Bump Productions, stemming from his refusal to shake hands on the show. On his podcast, he discusses various police-related news, as well as reactions to episodes of 60 Days In. He also keeps fans updated on his Instagram account, where he posts memes, masked selfies, and updates about the series. His bio, naturally, reads "Season 5 Underdog." 

While Mark seems to be living out every 60 Days In fans' fantasy, we wonder if, looking back, he still feels it was worth taking his obsession into reality. Does he regret it at all? Most likely not. Revealing that his casting stemmed from a social media comment he once made, he told Dropn Hitz in July 2020, "I love it when people hit me up on social media. They're like, 'Hey, loved you on the show, how do I be on it?' ... I have no idea, because it's such a random selection process."

Vivian from 60 Days In is increasing her online presence

Vivian was another well-liked participant of 60 Days In's Season 5. With her forthright, happy-go-lucky attitude and bright, big eyes, her appeal was alluring and inherent. She seemed to fit in well enough to prison life — partly due to her military experience — and was able to make friends easily among other inmates. Before her time on 60 Days In, Vivian served in the Army for almost a decade, as well as in the Navy for five years, according to A&E. She was raised by a single mother and, at the time of filming, was raising her son on her own, as well, further exemplifying her strength that got her through her time behind televised bars unscathed.

Vivian has since been most active on Instagram, where she posts what seems to be a trend among the show's participants: memes and various selfies, as well as pics with her boyfriend of nearly two years. Vivian also often promotes her OnlyFans account for those who would like more behind the scenes footage — and her work seems to be paying off, as she was once within the top 1% of all creators on the site. 

While she frequently interacts with other Season 5 participants on social media and in real life, when asked if she would ever do 60 Days In again in November 2020, Vivian's reply was a sassy "Hell Naw," going on to say that "once was enough." Understandable!

60 Days In star Nate Burrell tragically died

Nate Burrell was a much-loved contestant with a lengthy history on 60 Days In. As the only participant to appear in two separate seasons, per People, the former Marine won audiences over with his calm demeanor and ability to fit into prison life with ease in Season 3, and was asked to appear again the following season.

However, things took a turn for the fish and wildlife officer in October 2020, when Nate was charged with multiple counts of assault and rape. He had an arraignment scheduled for Nov. 9 of that year. But on Oct. 31, he died by apparent suicide of a gunshot wound in downtown Allegan, Mich., TMZ reports. He was 33.

Prior to his death, Nate had posted what appeared to be a suicide note on Facebook, writing (via TMZ), "This isn't an admission of guilt. I'm just tired, I've been through so much in my life, the pain of my situation now hurts more than I ever imagined. I can't keep going on." It was implied that Nate and his wife were on the brink of divorce, as he added, "I can only imagine how bad this would all turn out, all of the legal crap that would ensue after this with custody and everything else. You win!"

Several of Nate's fellow 60 Days In participants, including Jaclin Owen, paid tribute to him on social media.

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text HOME to the Crisis Text Line at 741741.