Celebs Whose Looks Changed Dramatically In 2020

The year 2020 has been one we'll never forget. That's for sure. Without a makeup and wardrobe team in sight, many stars' transformative looks have become trending topics. While we've all been stuck at home, it's been the perfect time to try out a new look while no one's watching. Between people cutting their own hair in quarantine to experimenting with some hair dye they found at the back of their shelves, we've seen some interesting stuff. Hey, nobody is coming over, anyway. That's why many stars have headed over to social media instead.

Fans are truly able to see celeb transformations firsthand when social media is thrown into the mix — after all, these entertainers have nowhere else to be. There have been quite a few of them this year, too. While many of us spent quarantine sitting on our sofas, some celebrities have taken this opportunity to lose massive amounts of weight. Others, meanwhile, have been dying their hair all sorts of colors, while some have even acquired some new body ink.

Here are some celebs whose looks changed dramatically in 2020.

Adele said 'hello from the other side' of weight loss

After nearly five months away from Instagram, Adele blew us all away with her weight loss reveal in May. Surprisingly, that wasn't the singer's intention with her Instagram post either. She was simply thanking fans for all the birthday wishes. Wait, so are we even sure it's Adele?

While this pop star hasn't publicly acknowledged her major transformation, a source reportedly told People that it's simply self-care following her unexpected divorce back in September 2019. After all, she has to be in the very best shape she can be for her son. "It was never about losing weight," the source said. "She feels stronger, has more energy and acts very happy."

Living in a world obsessed with weight loss, it's not surprising that social media has spiraled ever since her reveal. However, Adele still isn't acknowledging her truly inspiring transformation. For her, it all seems to be about staying healthy. In August, she gushed about a new book she finished called Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living. "I am so ready for myself after reading this book!" The pop star posted. "It's as if I just flew into my body for the very first time."

Tiffany Haddish gave herself an extreme haircut

Tiffany Haddish has always aspired to work in show business, and apparently, she's always wanted to be bald too. In July, she decided to shave her head for all of social media to see — and nobody seemed to be ready. Haddish, of course, had something to say about that: "Why when a woman decides, 'Hey, I'm going to cut this hair off because I want to see my scalp,' she got a mental problem?" She asked in an Instagram video. She simply wanted to see what her head looked like under all that hair.

Her sister, who happens to cut hair for a living, was supposed to come to help her out with her transformation. However, because of the pandemic, she decided to stay put in her own home. Haddish was left to figure out her own haircut — but really, how hard can shaving your own head be?

Now, in order to maintain her look, Haddish has to re-shave her shiny scalp every other week, she revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Come to think of it, maybe it's actually a high maintenance haircut, after all.

Ariel Winter has had four different hair colors this year

Earlier in the year, there was some sad news for fans of the sitcom Modern Family. It officially ended filming in February. "In just a few hours we will series wrap on @abcmodernfam, and along with everything else, I will be saying goodbye to the trailer I have had for almost a decade," actress Ariel Winter, who plays Alex, wrote on Instagram. "Goodbye trailer! Goodbye Alex plaque!" It looked like she forgot to write a goodbye to her long brown locks, too.

Not even a week had passed before Winter was showing off a new hue to her 'do. The strawberry blonde looked amazing on her. However, in July, she must have gotten tired of it and decided to change her hair color once again. "Winter Is Coming!!!!!!!!!!!" She captioned a photo of new long blonde locks. While there was still quite a few months before the cold season started, it was a nice pun for someone with the last name Winter. In that case, where is she going? In a follow-up ad for John Frieda, Winter wrote, "Blondes have more fun + also require more maintenance." The color really must have been too much work because two months later, Winter's locks were a completely new color — pink.

The various shades seem like a fresh start for this young sitcom star. Hopefully, Winter really is coming — back to our small screens again very soon.

JoJo Siwa went from blonde to brunette

You could spot JoJo Siwa anywhere by her long blonde locks and signature bow. "For me, it's like, I brush my teeth, and I put my hair in a ponytail," she told PeopleTV in June 2020. "It's just, like, my routine." Earlier in the year, however, she startled social media when she was spotted without a bow. And then, as if the world wasn't crazed enough in quarantine, Siwa took it a step further and showed off a big change going from blonde to brunette on TikTok in June. JoJo, where'd you go?

Not far, it seems. Three days later, Siwa posted an Instagram picture of herself back to blonde. "brown hair was fun.... but blonde is my thing!!!" She wrote.

Even with Siwa's concert series on hold until 2021, a global pandemic still can't seem to stop her serious dance moves and changing up her blonde mane. It just goes to show that if you're stuck at home with some hair dye, why not do it?

Olivia Colman changed up her look for the Oscars

Queen Olivia Colman has always donned a dark 'do on The Crown. However, when the 2020 Oscars rolled around, Colman decided to go a completely different direction while getting red carpet ready. She dyed her hair a platinum blonde. "Nothing like a major change the DAY of the Oscars," her stylist, Marcus Francis, posted on Instagram. What better time to change up your look than only hours before heading on to national television?

It turns out that this new 'do was something Colman had been wanting for quite a while, too, but she simply never had the time. It apparently ain't easy playing royalty! "Winning an Oscar ages you," she even joked on stage while referring to her lighter locks. Luckily, even though the queen Colman plays on The Crown doesn't have fair hair, she's able to keep the shade if she wants. "She wears a wig for The Crown," her stylist revealed to Vogue.

However, repeatedly having a (royal) treatment done on her bleached hair apparently wasn't working for her anymore. Just seven months later, Colman was seen with a new look fit for the queen. She was back to being a brunette.

Chris Brown covered his face with a new tattoo

If you're looking for a major change, getting a face tattoo could do the trick. At least, that's what Chris Brown did earlier this year.

On the Grammys red carpet, the famous R&B singer debuted a large tattoo across his cheekbone of a Nike Air Jordan 3 Sneaker (via E!). It only makes sense, considering he has a serious shoe collection that takes up multiple closets in his house. "Clothes and fashion is an extension of my creativity and what I can be as a person," he told Complex. According to the artist who did it, Ganga, these are Brown's favorite shoes, so what better way to show off your feet than on your face?

As if that wasn't a big enough transformation, Brown dyed his hair half blue and half pink in February. "Silly rabbit, TRIX ARE FOR KIDS," he wrote on Instagram of his reveal. He does have two children himself, a boy and a girl, so perhaps like his lyrics, the pink and blue may have a deeper meaning.

Sharon Osbourne was seen with silver hair

Sharon Osbourne became incredibly bored with dying her hair in 2020. "I can't do this anymore," she said on the set of The Talk. "I'm like, why am I trying to do this or be something that I'm not?" So in February, she debuted a dramatic change to her signature red hair. Osbourne opted to go all-natural and embraced an all-over silver shade.

Surprisingly, she had been dying her hair the same rich red for 18 years. To keep the color as bold as she could, Osbourne was even having her head dyed every single week. "I was really resenting being tied by a color of hair," she told People. "But, when you dye your hair red, it's really hard to get the color out." In February, she finally did.

However, Osbourne had a complete change of heart in October. During an episode of The Talk shortly after her 68th birthday, she appeared again with red hair. What gives? "I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror," she explained to the audience. "And I'm like, 'Nah. You look like Grandma Clampett.'"

Willie Robertson was way past due for a haircut

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson hasn't had a haircut in 17 years. This year was apparently the time to change that. "Everyone else is going back to the barber, I figured I should try it too," he joked on Instagram — well, maybe not everybody during quarantine — so in June, Robertson showed off his hair being shaved to a much shorter length. "I feel myself getting weaker," he said as his long locks hit the floor. The famous reality show star even added, "I cannot wait to go to a store, and no one knows who I am. I'm so excited."

It was then time for the ultimate test. This duck hunter decided to go around town and see if anybody really did recognize him anymore. He even bought a new shirt for the occasion — that wasn't camouflage — and it turned out exactly as he thought with people walking right by him. After all, it was a pretty dramatic transformation. "We haven't seen his neck in 15 years," his wife wrote on Instagram.

While Robertson is hardly recognizable now, he wasn't willing to completely change his look, so don't worry, everybody. His signature beard stayed put.

Katherine Heigl's Netflix character seemed to inspire her new look

It seems that the blonde we all know as Katherine Heigl decided that brunettes may actually be having more fun. Back in September 2019, the actress debuted a darker 'do on Instagram for her new character in Netflix's Firefly Lane. In February, though, she made an even more major change to her hair. She was spotted with a bob that has now made her barely recognizable. After all, her character got a new 'do, so why couldn't she get one too?

The "fresh cut" was a family affair. "Every one of us got our hairs done and we feel fine!" She posted on Instagram. Though the mother of three had nowhere to be to show off her new 'do, it seemed to be the perfect time to treat herself. "Once it was all styled and pretty I figured I should complete the look with a touch of lipstick...and foundation...and blush...and brows...and eye shadow...now I'm all done up with no where to go," she wrote. "And I'll have to spend an extra 15 mins washing this all off tonight..." Moms everywhere feel that.

You can catch her in action with her darker 'do in Firefly Lane, available through Netflix on New Year's Eve. Perhaps the new year will have Heigl wanting a new hairdo, too.

Rebel Wilson revealed a major weight loss this year

If there's another Pitch Perfect sequel coming anytime soon, don't expect to see Fat Amy in it. "Just call me: Fit Amy," actress Rebel Wilson wrote on Instagram. A new year brings a new look, and 2020 has been her year to lose a massive amount of weight.

Working on Cats in 2019 is when Wilson was inspired to make a change. She had lost a lot of weight from long days dancing (via ET). When 2020 rolled around, Wilson decided that her resolution was to make it "The Year of Health." She announced it online, but unlike many of us with New Year's resolutions, she has stuck to it and completely transformed herself. As of October, she's only six pounds away from her goal, "although my 'sprint' is probably someone else's 'slow jog,'" Wilson joked. Hey, it's a lot better than horizontal running, as Fat Amy would say!

So how exactly is she doing it? While Wilson frequently posts to Instagram her exercises, a source reportedly told People that this comedian is also using the Mayr Method when it comes to eating right. "It's an approach that eliminates food intolerances, reduces sugar, encourages eating whole foods slowly, boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation," the source said. Even though this comedian is serious about her weight loss goals, it's clear that she's still offering up all the laughs — and Pitch Perfect punchlines. "Crushed it!" She said.

Ricki Lake's transformation had people talking

On New Year's Day, Ricki Lake showed off a pretty big change to her hair on social media. It was all shaved off. "First things first, I am not sick," she clarified. Surprisingly, just behind the scenes, this star had secretly been struggling with hair loss for 30 years. Extensions just weren't doing it, so she finally shaved her head. Enough was enough.

It all started while starring in the 1988 musical Hairspray, of all things. Lake's big hair was being constantly teased and treated every other week, which subsequently ruined her roots. Who knew that her iconic 'do was the real deal? "My hair was never the same," she admitted.  

Now, she finally feels like herself. "I know that by sharing my truth, I will be striking a chord with so so many women and men," she wrote, and she quickly did. Only two days later, Good Morning America invited women on to their show that were inspired to show off their bare heads. New year, new Ricki Lake.