Tiffany Haddish Is Almost Unrecognizable During Quarantine

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, celebrities have been trying to style and/or color their hair themselves while in quarantine since some hair salons and barber shops have had to close up shop in order to abide by safety guidelines. Now, instead of A-listers showing off a new color or haircut on the red carpet or at a movie premiere, they rely on social media to share the results with their followers. 

Case in point? In May 2020, Miley Cyrus sported a "pixie mullet" that her mom, Tish Cyrus, cut for the pop star, while Sex and the City's Chris Noth shaved his head and debuted the look on Instagram in April 2020. Not to mention, Khloé Kardashian showcased a new hue on social media just in time for her birthday in June 2020, while Armie Hammer flaunted a new mullet — most likely inspired by Joe Exotic's similar look — by uploading a mirror selfie to Instagram in April 2020. 

On July 7, 2020, comedian Tiffany Haddish joined the "unrecognizable in quarantine" club after she revealed her new look on Instagram, and we have to say, it's pretty mind-blowing. Are you ready to see the big reveal? Keep scrolling to see Haddish's new 'do.

The reason Tiffany Haddish cut her hair is simple

On July 7, 2020, Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish decided she wanted to make a change to her hair — a big change. "Cut my hair!" the comedian captioned an almost 27-minute Instagram video of herself cutting off her dreadlocks. So, why did Haddish decide to get rid of her long locks? "I cut all my hair off cause I want to see my Scalp," she wrote. "I know my whole body I know where every mole is but I don't know my Scalp. So hello Scalp. #SheReady to everything."

In the clip, Haddish cuts off each of her braids with scissors while speaking to her friend Precious. "It's a little dusty. I done had these locks in a long time," she explained. "I am going to put this [hair] in my Bible. They say if you cut your hair off and put in a Bible, it [will] grow back stronger — more spiritual."

Haddish noted that "this is probably the shortest [her] hair has ever been" and told her fans she would be heading to a barber shop to shave her head next. "I already feel lighter!" she stated. "I feel like all the bulls**t in 2020 is almost off. I just got to get this last little s**t off. Here we go." 

Tiffany Haddish claps back after fans think she 'lost her mind'

After Tiffany Haddish uploaded a video of herself cutting off her hair in July 2020, fans thought the Like a Boss actress might have lost it. "Somebody go check on sis, something wrong with her. What's wrong with her mentally? She done lost it!" Haddish said, "imitating fans," per Page Six. However, the California native set the record straight and made it clear that this decision was something she had been thinking about for a while.

"Why when a woman decides, 'Hey, I am going to cut this hair off because I want to see my scalp,' she got to have a mental problem?" she said in an Instagram video. "Nothing is wrong with you my brain, you guys. I am not suffering from no emotional s**t, nothing. I literally [have] been talking about this for years, how I want to see my scalp."

Despite the negative comments, many social media users couldn't help but gush about the new 'do. One person wrote, "I love that you did what you said you were gonna do. Hair is hair. You're beautiful with and without it," while another echoed, "Do you. Period." A third person chimed in, writing, "You're glowing. Love this."

Tiffany Haddish is 'taking time off' from managing her hair

At the end of the day, Tiffany Haddish wanted a break from managing her long locks — and we don't blame her! After the Hollywood star cut off her braids, she admitted she had no regrets about her decision. "It was the first time I have ever taken a shower and was not concerned about getting my hair wet and that s**t felt good," she said in an Instagram video in July 2020. "It felt so good to just be like, 'Yeah, I can get my hair wet.' I don't have to worry," adding, "it is what it is."

Haddish is looking forward to taking better care of her body now. She told fans she wants to run "every day" since she doesn't have to spend hours upon hours stressing about her tresses. "Let's just be honest ... as a black woman — I don't know about white women — but as a black woman, that's a good hour to three hours of your f**king day," she explained. "Even if your hair is braided, you gotta grease your scalp, you gotta tie 'em up at night, you gotta make sure they look neat. It is a lot of work. So, I'm taking time off!"

To all the concerned fans or haters, the Night School star had a simple message: Her hair "will grow back" one day. No matter how Haddish wears her hair, we think she looks fantastic.