Married At First Sight: The Truth About Danielle Dodd's Difficult Pregnancy

It may sound unbelievable that you could marry someone the same day you meet them and still be happy years later, but Danielle Dodd (nee Bergman) and Bobby Dodd are proving all of the critics wrong. Danielle and Bobby met in 2018 on Lifetime's Married at First Sight a show about, you guessed it, couples who get married at first sight.

Needless to say, not all of these marriages work out, but somehow Danielle and Bobby were among the few to stick together. Weeks after their season wrapped, they announced they were expecting their first child, a little girl named Olivia. Interestingly enough, the only thing the couple ever really seemed to fight about was how to raise their future kids, per In Touch Weekly. It looks like they're figuring it out as they go through, as they are over the moon with little Olivia, who was born in February 2019. They enjoyed being parents so much that in 2020 they announced they were expecting their second child in 2021. "We are so blessed and lucky to be able to announce that we are able to grow our family by one more," Bergman told People at the time. "Olivia has changed our lives in so many positive ways and we can't wait to be able to give her a sibling."

As Danielle's pregnancy progressed, though, it became clear that there was a difficult, and even potentially dangerous, road ahead. Read on to learn more about the scary situation and how the couple is facing it head-on.

Danielle Dodd is worried history might repeat itself

Danielle Dodd and Bobby Dodd, from Married at First Sight, are expecting their second child in January 2021, but because of some scary complications, the due date might arrive much earlier than that. As reported above, Danielle gave birth to their daughter Olivia in 2018. 

Danielle suffered from HELLP Syndrome while pregnant with Olivia, which caused her to go into labor and deliver the baby earlier than expected. In a series of since-deleted Instagram stories, Danielle opened up about a routine trip to the doctor that quickly turned into a nightmare for the soon to be mom-of-two.  According to Danielle, her blood pressure was high, as well as her liver enzyme count. Her platelet count was also low — all symptoms of HELLP syndrome. Her OBGYN was worried enough to admit her to the hospital, per Soap Dirt

HELLP syndrome (a kind of preeclampsia) can be life-threatening, and Danielle and Bobby were understandably terrified when she was diagnosed years ago, even though everything turned out fine in the end. This time around, they are taking no chances. Although the baby seems to be doing just fine as of this writing, and Danielle's blood work appears normal, she'll be on bed rest until things calm down, and hopefully, baby #2 will arrive on time in January 2021.