Are Below Deck Med Stars Bugsy Drake And Alex Radcliffe Dating?

The drama between Hannah Ferrier and Malia White got old quick on Below Deck Med Season 5. Luckily, once everyone stopped talking about maritime law and whether CBD is a drug or not, Bugsy Drake came aboard as Chief Stew to steer the season back in the right direction. Not only were viewers happy to see a familiar face, but Alex Radcliffe was floored by the South African beauty (who just so happens to have a knack for decorating tables).

Alex swooned as soon as he met Bugsy, and although she's the type to keep things professional during working hours, a small flirtation-ship blossomed between the two yachties, and it was adorable to watch the spark grow. Their boatmance never seemed to go any farther than a few makeout sessions and some dirty dancing out at a club, with Bugsy playing a little hard to get and Alex sweetly just admiring her while she dazzled charter guests. He even joked about his crush during the season, posting the above selfie on Instagram and captioning it ahead of an episode, "I think it's time @bugsydrake and I start our own fashion line. But I'm just hoping I can get Bugsy to start liking me already on tonight's episode of #belowdeckmed."

During the Season 5 reunion, they revealed that there could be a future for them off the boat one day. With that in mind, let's take a look at how their relationship has grown.

Have Alex and Bugsy seen each other post-filming?

Bugsy Drake and Alex Radcliffe are still working on yachts as of this writing, and that's not always the best circumstances to let a relationship really grow. Bugsy has characteristically remained tightlipped about her feelings for the deckhand during the Season 5 reunion of Below Deck Med, coyly admitting that Alex is a catch. But they are not dating, or at least not publicly, right now. 

Alex told Andy Cohen during the October 2020 reunion episode (via The Daily Dish), "Me and Bugsy, we've seen each other after filming, just like catching up, getting coffee and stuff. I think we just kept it very good friends afterwards and just kind of stayed in touch." He continued, "We were very realistic that we live in two different parts of the world, and we're gonna do our own thing. Am I still into Bugsy? Yeah, I think she's hot. I want to hang out with her, absolutely. I'm realistic. You know what I mean? I know what it is."

Yep, this situation seems to all boil down to timing.

Bugsy Drake hasn't closed the door on Alex

As it turns out, there's still hope for this couple! After the Below Deck Med Season 5 virtual reunion got filmed in September 2020, per Bravo, Bugsy Drake and Alex Radcliffe met down in Florida, according to his pics on Instagram. And during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live in October 2020, Bugsy said that she had not closed the door on him just yet. 

"With regards to Alex and I, we are both obviously working on opposite ends of the world, kind of," she explained. "I'm still working on a boat, But we met up, feelings came back, and we're kind of just seeing where to from here. We're really good friends. But yeah, we'll see."

So even though they currently aren't attached at the hip, it's very likely that Bugsy and Alex are keeping in touch from their respective places in the world right now. Now, fans have to hope that the powers that be over at Bravo play Cupid and get them back on a boat together for another season. Not only are the two good at their jobs, but they seem perfect for each other, too.