The Bachelorette: Fans Don't Get Why Tayshia Thinks Her Integrity Is Being Questioned

The Bachelorette's Dec. 8, 2020 episode picked up from the previous week's cliffhanger ending where Tayshia Adams was awkwardly sitting in between contestants Noah Erb and Bennett Jordan alongside a gift box containing a book on emotional intelligence. Bennett insisted he (somehow) had no clue there was beef with Noah, while Noah mentioned that Bennett was condescending. Still, Bennett continued his diatribe on emotional intelligence. All in all, Tayshia just seemed annoyed and exhausted by the petty drama. 

Nevertheless, she had no choice but to engage. She interpreted Bennett's comment about Noah having no chance with Tayshia as Bennett "questioning her integrity," which was something she mentioned many times over. Or at least that's how it seemed. It's possible that the phrase could have been dubbed in by the editors to drive home this point, but some of The Bachelorette viewers just could not understand where Tayshia was coming from.

Sure, the fans do not get to see nearly all of the action, but based on the limited context that viewers do have, it just seemed like a leap for Tayshia to say that her integrity was being questioned simply because Bennett did not think that she and Noah are the perfect match.

The Bachelorette viewers think Tayshia Adams may be confused

Bennett Jordan was perplexed to learn that Tayshia Adams thought he was questioning her integrity — and so were the viewers. One viewer tweeted, "Mmmmmm that was kinda a jump to questioning her integrity from just kinda a poke at Noah." Someone else wondered, "what does she [think] questioning integrity means." One fan suggested a potentially dangerous drinking game by tweeting, "Should have taken a shot every time 'questioning integrity' was said." That would have resulted in many shots, with someone else sharing that Tayshia "said 'questioning my integrity' no less than 15 times in a 60 second span." 

Considering that this show was filmed months ago, Tayshia cannot actually take any of the fans' input into account. Nevertheless, one person tweeted, "tayshia literally no one is questioning your integrity." Someone else pointed out "key point here tho....Bennett is questioning Tayshia's *decision-making* not her *integrity*." Another person explained, "Him saying that there's 0% of them ending up together is not questioning her integrity. Sorry. I said what I said." 

Perhaps the viewers are just missing out on some key footage, because one person wrote, "I....don't get the 'questioning integrity' angle of this argument. The actual problem is just that Bennett is being mean??" Of course, Tayshia has every right to feel how she feels, especially since the fans cannot possibly witness every single thing that happened, but some fans just cannot help being confused about this one.