The Truth About The Bachelorette's Noah Erb

Considering Clare Crawley's time as the Bachelorette was mainly focused on one person, it's been a whole new game keeping up with Clare's replacement, Tayshia Adams, and her men. The same night Tayshia entered the La Quinta Resort to begin her journey toward true love, four new men joined the group of contestants who started their journeys with Clare.

While fans weren't terribly thrilled with Clare, the opposite could be said about Tayshia, who seems to be 100 percent committed to meeting her suitors and forming as many connections as possible. She gave her first impression rose to new contestant Spencer Robertson, and had a fast connection with Brendan Morais on her first one-on-one dinner date of the season. However, a fresh Bachelorette and men also meant new drama in the house, notably between Chasen Nick and Ed Waisbrot. As People recapped, Ed decided he did not appreciate Chasen's presence in the house, as he called him "an 'actor' who 'spins a web of deceit.'" Then, there was an intense smackdown between newcomer Chasen and Noah Erb in the "The Battle for the Bachelorette's Heart" challenge, which led Noah to winning a spot on the night's group date, to which he was originally not invited.

Now, there is talk of continuing drama that involves Noah ahead of the November 24 episode. While he started off fairly quiet, it looks like Noah is making his way to the frontline of the fight for Tayshia's heart. Here is the truth about The Bachelorette's Noah Erb.

The Bachelorette's Noah Erb will fight for what he wants

Audiences met Noah Erb as a newbie on Tayshia Adams' first night as Bachelorette. He decided to highlight his job as a registered travel nurse and approached Tayshia with a stethoscope upon meeting her. He then let the smiling Bachelorette listen to his heartbeat. "You know where my heart is from the start," Noah assured. Surprised, Tayshia replied, "Oh my goodness! It's beating, and it's beating quite fast." From that moment on, Noah made it clear he was there for Tayshia's heart, and he was going to do anything to connect with her. 

Cue the drama. As stated above, in the November 17 episode of The Bachelorette, Noah volunteered to fight Chasen Nick when Ed Waisbrot denied the match in the "The Battle for the Bachelorette's Heart" challenge during the day portion of the group date. This impressed Tayshia, considering Noah was originally present at the event as just an onlooker. Noah lost the fight, but Tayshia invited him to the night portion of the group date, which frustrated the men who were the original invitees. Noah clearly came prepared to woo Tayshia, and he only showed his dedication as the night went on.

Noah Erb will do anything for Tayshia Adams' heart

While on the group date following the wrestling challenge, Noah Erb used his time in a way he did not expect. During some one-on-one time together, Tayshia Adams admitted there was one thing wrong about Noah: his mustache. "It's not that I don't like it, but I wonder what you would look like without it. You know... what if you just shaved it or something?" she questioned (per CheatSheet). While he was hesitant, Noah knew he had to shave it off to prove his dedication to his leading lady. After the deed was done, the couple proceeded to lock lips, making the sacrifice well worth it for Noah. He wasn't too shy to admit how hard the parting with his mustache was, though. "Tayshia, she asked me to cut away a huge part of my life,' Noah said. For that, he was awarded the rose for the night.

At this point, viewers know Noah is dedicated to his mustache, but, even more to Tayshia. So, who is the guy behind the 'stache? Keep reading to find out.

Here's what the Bachelorette's Noah Erb wants

It's fair to say Noah Erb is a dedicated contestant on The Bachelorette, but there is much more to him than that. Noah's Bachelorette profile says he comes from a large family in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has a twin plus eight other siblings, and he would like to have twins of his own one day. His parents' relationship inspires him and he hopes to "make the woman in his life feel special." 

"Every captain flies better when his co-pilot is happy," Noah told ABC. (Has he been talking to Pilot Pete Weber?) Additionally, in an introduction on The Bachelorette's official Twitter account, he says he ultimately wants to find a woman who "is being open to new things, and open to always do better and get better." In his Instagram bio, he also says he "refuses to leave this world unchanged."

While Noah has proven he has a sweet side, there is some buzz ahead of the November 24 Bachelorette episode. According to professional reality TV spoiler site Reality Steve, Noah tells Tayshia Adams that the other guys at the resort are attacking him for winning her rose, and hints that the other men are questioning her intuition. Unsurprisingly, that does not sit well with Tayshia, and she has a word with the men. 

It is unclear if Noah will be a good guy-turned-villain, or if his concerns are valid. Fans can keep an eye on him Tuesday nights on ABC.