Mariah Carey Steps Out With Backup Dancer After James Packer Split

Just one day after her engagement was called off, singer Mariah Carey stepped out with a backup dancer that fiancé James Packer allegedly detests.

As Nicki Swift previously reported, Carey, 46, and Packer, 52, called it quits after getting together in the summer of 2015 and getting engaged in January 2016. The potential reasons for the split are many and varied, but reports suggest Carey may have grown close to a backup dancer and choreographer from her tour and Las Vegas residency named Bryan Tanaka—and that Packer was very jealous of the younger hunk.

Carey dined at Nobu in Malibu with Tanaka on Oct. 27, 2016, TMZ reported, in full view of photographers.

TMZ said Packer had previously lashed out at Tanaka in Carey's dressing room for having the nerve to show up to one of her performances even though he was injured and couldn't dance, allegedly yelling and possibly getting violent, then using his casino connections to get Tanaka banned from Caesar's Palace, where Carey has her residency in Las Vegas.

Now, TMZ reports that not only are Carey and Packer done for good, but she's also demanding cash from her ex. Carey reportedly made a private demand to Packer for a whopping $50 million for various reasons. Not only did he allegedly make several "financial promises" to the songbird, but she also claims moving her life from New York to Los Angeles so he could be near his kids caused her financial losses, the tab reported. Additionally, whatever happened when they got into a blowout fight in Greece in September 2016 supposedly traumatized her so much that she was forced to cancel the South American leg of her tour.

Carey is worth an estimated $520 million without his money, so only time will tell if she really wants him to pay up.