The Truth About The Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Rumors

Julie Bowen knows people are gossiping about her looks — and she's not bothered. The Modern Family star faced speculation from fans that she'd had plastic surgery after the sitcom's pilot was shot, but she shot down the rumors in a new book about the ABC show.

In Marc Freeman's oral history Modern Family: The Untold History of One of Television's Groundbreaking Sitcoms, published in May 2020, Bowen explained that her face looked different in the pilot than it did in the rest of the show's episodes because she'd been pregnant when the pilot was shot.

"My face was pregnant, Bowen said to Freeman, according to the New York Daily News. "I had tons of hair and looked like I got lip injections because I was so puffy. And I had these enormous boobs that were terrifying. I read online, before I made my 'No Google' rule, about how I clearly had plastic surgery. What? Those were painful cow udders."

Bowen did, though, shared what she has had done to her face. In an interview with Health in September 2012, the actor shared that she'd had laser treatment and would consider Fraxel laser skin resurfacing, too. "I've had lasers leveled at my face, and I would like to do Fraxel," Bowen said to the magazine, praising the treatment's anti-aging effects. We love that she's open about her own experience without shaming others who've had work done.

Sarah Hyland's body was unfairly scrutinized by fans, too

Unfortunately, Julie Bowen isn't the only Modern Family actor whose body fans felt the need to comment on, unsolicited. Sarah Hyland has been open about her health struggles, but that hasn't stopped people from telling her to gain weight and speculating about her being pregnant. In August 2019, fans wondered if Hyland was pregnant after her performance at the Teen Choice Awards, but she shut down the rumors with a great Instagram post.

Not that it's anyone's business, but Hyland's second kidney transplant left her with a slight protrusion in front of her abdomen. "Thank you @teenchoicefox for having us!! And a final thank you to my ever changing self confidence for making the decision to not wear spanx and let my KUPA (kidney upper p*ssy area) shine like the badass b*tch she is," Hyland wrote in her Instagram caption. Mic. Drop.