How Brody Jenner Really Feels About Kris Jenner

Despite sharing the same last name, Brody and Kris Jenner have never been too fond of each other. The two spent years dealing with each other as step-relatives during Kris' 22-year marriage to his father Caitlyn Jenner. Prior to her public gender transition, Caitlyn was married three times and had six children: two with each wife to be exact, as per Biography. Brody is the second son from Caitlyn Jenner's second marriage to actress Linda Thompson. The two divorced in 1985 when Brody was just 2 years old, 

Born in Santa Monica, California as Sam Brody Jenner, the former reality star enjoyed his own days in the spotlight long before Kris and her six children stepped onto the scene and stole the show. After starring as the lead heartthrob on MTV's The Hills, Brody went on to co-create a number of reality shows including Bromance, The Princes of Malibu, and Sex with Brody. He also made a few guest appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashianswhere his feud with his stepmother was put on full display. 

Brody Jenner says he doesn't need two moms

A July 2013 episode of KUWTK, Brody and Kris Jenner opened up about their "awkward" relationship as step-relatives during a family vacation to Greece. "The issue with Kris and I is that there was no real line of communication," he told producers. "I mean honestly I even don't remember the last family vacation that we went on with all of us." Meanwhile, Kris acknowledged the "awkward start" she and Brody had on the vacation and explained how tension between him and his father was being cast onto her. "Instead of owning up to what is going on in his life with Brody, he somehow shifts all of this blame on me," Kris said of her husband at the time. "So ultimately, I get painted out to be the bad guy."

Kris and Caitlyn Jenner went on to separate in 2013 and their divorce was finalized a year later. While speaking with The Mirror in 2015, Brody gave an update on where he and his ex-stepmother stood following her divorce from his father "Kris and I don't speak. We just don't speak. It has nothing to do with me actively disliking her. I think she's just busy," he declared. "Anyway, I have a mother who I speak to. I don't need two of them." Well there goes the final nail in that coffin.