Who Blake Shelton Wants To Perform At His Wedding Might Surprise You

After five years of dating and fielding questions about whether they'll ever get hitched for almost as long, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani announced their engagement in October 2020 with sweet posts on Instagram. "@blakeshelton yes please!" the "Hollaback Girl" singer wrote along with a photo of her and Shelton smooching while showing off her new bling. Shelton shared the same picture, writing, "Hey @gwenstefani thanks for saving my 2020 ... And the rest of my life ... I love you. I heard a YES!"

While they are excited to take this next step, Stefani and Shelton aren't walking down the aisle any time soon in hopes of planning a normal wedding when the coronavirus pandemic ends. "I would say I just want my parents there at this point. My parents wouldn't come to Thanksgiving because they're so scared," Stefani told Ryan Seacrest in December 2020 (per Entertainment Tonight). "Would rather it not be a COVID situation. Would rather not have masks and that kind of thing. Even when you cut it down to just family, it's still too many people for COVID. We're sort of going to see what happens in the next few months," she explained.

Just because Shelton and Stefani are waiting to walk down the aisle doesn't mean they haven't thrown some wedding ideas around. In fact, the "God's Country" singer let fans in on who he wants to perform at his wedding, and it might surprise you.

Blake Shelton wants this friend to play at his wedding

It's no secret that Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have a tight bond, so it makes sense that Levine would be invited to Shelton and Gwen Stefani's nuptials. However, The Voice coach wants his friend present in a bigger way: he wants Levine to perform with his band Maroon 5 at his and Stefani's big day.

"I've kind of decided that I've been doing this a long time now and I've got a lot of favors out there. He may not like it, but Adam Levine's gonna have to get the band together and come and play our wedding," Shelton told Seth Meyers in a Dec. 10, 2020 interview. "I've already seen a music video where they crash people's weddings and he owes me a lot for just putting up with him over the years," the country crooner explained, referring to Maroon 5's "Sugar" music video. "So I think we can get Adam to come be our wedding band," he confirmed.

Shelton then joked about why Levine would be the perfect wedding performer. "Their music is so boring that it won't distract from the festivities and the reception and all that stuff," he quipped. Of course, the "Happy Anywhere" singer meant this as a loving comment, as the whole world saw his and Levine's bromance form through lighthearted jabs on The Voice.

Considering both Shelton and Stefani are professional singers, their wedding music of choice will surely be top-notch.