The Special Gift Kristen Stewart Got For Mackenzie Davis

Happiest Season quickly became one of the most talked about Christmas films of the 2020 holiday season. The romantic comedy stars Kristen Stewart as Abby, a woman who goes home for Christmas with her girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis), who still hasn't come out to her family. The film has received tons of rave reviews so far, while also sparking criticism and debates over a few controversial scenes and characters. (Spoiler alert: Many fans would have liked Stewart's character to have a different ending.) Overall, though, the film — which also stars Dan Levy, Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, and Mary Holland — is a holiday delight, with one critic saying it's "the performances, each funny and grounded in their own way, that make Happiest Season feel like such a gift."

To promote the movie, the cast got together for a Zoom interview with BuzzFeed in November 2020, where they played "Who's Who." During the game, the group was asked who would buy the best gift (the consensus was co-star Mary Steenburgen), and Stewart used the opportunity to reveal that she got Davis a wrap gift to commemorate their time together. However, she never had the chance to give it to her. Keep scrolling to find out what it is.

Kristen Stewart got her co-star a bronzed...

Kristen Stewart revealed that she got her Happiest Season co-star Mackenzie Davis something pretty surprising as a wrap gift: a bronzed toothpick.

"Mackenzie, I was so proud of and boasting about my wrap gift that I got you and then I never gave it to you because we didn't end up, like, seeing each other," the Twilight star explained. "What I did do for you though was that toothpick you were so disgusted by that I was always chewing on, I got it bronzed for you." 

Davis and the rest of the cast seemed pretty shocked, with the actress saying, "Oh my God!" followed by a giggle. Stewart continued, "I was like, I can't give it to her anymore because it's taking so f***ing long. It would be so weird to do that and then I just realized that this was my way right back into weird gifts."

Though Dan Levy couldn't imagine opening a package and finding a toothpick, Davis said she's excited about her gift. "I want to hold it in my hand. That's so cool," she said. Here's to hoping Davis shares Stewart's present on social media so we can get a glimpse at this infamous toothpick for ourselves.