Cuomo Breaks His Silence On Disturbing Harassment Allegations

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has made headlines in December 2020 — and this time, it's not COVID-related. At the start of the pandemic, the New York governor received praise for his handling of the coronavirus crisis with many applauding his calm approach and composed response. However, Cuomo is now facing some very serious sexual harassment allegations from a former adviser within his administration. In a series of tweets posted on Dec. 13, 2020, a woman named Lindsey Boylan — who worked for Cuomo from March 2015 to October 2018, according to New York Post — claimed that the governor "sexually harassed [her] for years."

Boylan alleged that Cuomo sexually harassed her by making inappropriate comments about her appearance. "I could never anticipate what to expect: would I be grilled on my work (which was very good) or harassed about my looks. Or would it be both in the same conversation?" she tweeted. Boylan, who did not name names, also alleged that many within Cuomo's administration "saw it" and watched," but never did anything to stop him. "Not knowing what to expect what's the most upsetting part aside from knowing that no one would do a damn thing even when they saw it," she added. "No one. And I *know* I am not the only woman."

The governor's office has denied the allegation, telling NBC, "There is simply no truth to these claims." Keep scrolling to read Cuomo's full statement.

Governor Cuomo claims the allegations are 'just not true'

Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed Lindsey Boylan's sexual harassment allegations during a press conference on Dec. 14, 2020, telling reporters, "I heard about the tweet, and what it said about comments that I had made, and it's not true." The New York governor added, "I fought for and I believe a woman has the right to come forward and express her opinion and express issues and concerns that she has. But it's just not true."

On her part, Lindsey Boylan — who is a Democrat running for Manhattan Borough President (per her website) — did not provide further details regarding the accusations, but she tweeted that she's "angry to be put in this situation at all." She added, "That because I am a woman, I can work hard my whole life to better myself and help others and yet still fall victim as countless women over generations have. Mostly silently. I hate that some men, like @NYGovCuomo abuse their power."

Lindsey Boylan called the governor's office a 'toxic' workplace environment

Lindsey Boylan's previously described Gov. Andrew Cuomo's workplace environment as "the most toxic" place she's ever worked. She said that working as a waitress at Friendly's as a teenager was "infinitely more respectful environment. Even when I had bad customers who tipped poorly." Boylan also alleged that people are "deathly afraid" of the New York governor and that if they weren't so scared, "they'd be saying the same thing and you'd already know the stories." She continued to tweet, "Seriously, the messages and texts I receive when I speak the truth about's a whole book of people who have been harmed."

In another tweet, Boylan wrote, "Don't be surprised that it's the same small group of white people sitting alongside him at every presser. The same group that he has had by him the whole time, doing his dirty work. If you're not one of those handful, your life working for him is endlessly dispiriting." She added, "I tried to quit three times before it stuck. I've worked hard my whole life. Hustled — fake it till you make it style." Boylan also claimed that the environment was so "beyond" toxic that she sought professional help after leaving her position as Cuomo's advisor. "I'm still unwrapping it years later in therapy!" she said.

Lindsey Boylan doesn't want Joe Biden to choose Gov. Cuomo as his attorney general

Lindsey Boylan's accusations come amid rumors that President-elect Joe Biden is considering Gov. Andrew Cuomo as his pick for attorney general. A source confirmed to the Associated Press on Dec. 11, 2020 that Cuomo was under consideration as one of four contenders for the role in Biden's new administration. Though the New York governor told NBC's Today Show that he has "no interest in going to Washington," Axios reported in October 2020 that Cuomo "is being pushed for the [attorney general position] and that Biden would consider him, based on their long friendship." 

The newly surfaced sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo will likely make things complicated. Either way, Boylan definitely doesn't want to see him in the White House. She tweeted a report about Biden's potential pick, writing, "There are fewer things more scary than giving this man, who exists without ethics, even more control. I saw how he wielded power for years. He takes advantage of people, including me. I hope ⁦@JoeBiden⁩ & ⁦⁦@KamalaHarris⁩ don't do this."