Over 30% Of People Agree That This Is The Greatest Jennifer In Hollywood

Hollywood is home to some unique names. We've got Madonna, Beyoncé, Zendaya, and Dua Lipa, just to name a few. Yet amongst the A-list, there's one commonplace name that's pretty, well, common. That would be Jennifer. From the music industry to the box-office to your TV screen, there's a prominent Jennifer in each industry.

Think about it: Which famous Jennifer is the first to pop into your mind? Perhaps it's everyone's favorite quirky actress, who once tripped on the Oscars stage. (Yep, that's Jennifer Lawrence, better known as J-Law.) Or maybe you're more of a music buff and you love the powerhouse vocals of American Idol alum-turned-Broadway star, Jennifer Hudson. Likewise, Jennifer Lopez is applauded for her pipes, in addition to her killer dance moves. Come on, did you see the Super Bowl halftime show?!

That's just a handful of the many Jennifers who have made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. So, who comes out on top? Nicki Swift polled 658 Americans about which is the greatest Jennifer in Hollywood. And while, of course, they're all talented in their own special way, one ended up winning with 30.85% of the votes. Let's see who it is! *Drum roll, please.*

The winning Jennifer is a 'Friends'-ly face

Leave it to America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston to earn first place! The Friends star — who's gone on to appear in rom-coms like He's Just Not That Into You, or more serious roles like The Morning Show — landed nearly 31% of the votes. Impressive, huh? Just behind Aniston at 24.01% is none other than J.Lo, who first won over fans' hearts playing Selena Quintanilla in the movie about the late Tejano music legend.

Next up in the ranking is Jennifer Lawrence, who scored 13.53% of votes in Nicki Swift's survey about the Unofficial Battle of the Jennifers. Dreamgirls star J-Hud won a well-deserved 10.64%, while fan-favorite woman-next-door Jennifer Garner garnered 11.25%. (See what we did there?) Last but certainly not least, we've got Jennifer Love-Hewitt at 6.23%.

It's worth noting that "Other" got 3.5% of votes. So, who'd those people pick instead? Several chose "none" (ouch!), while another selected Fast Times At Ridgemont High actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. But quite possibly the best (and most hilarious) fill-in-the-blank answer? "The Jennifer I went to high school with," someone wrote in. Sorry, famous Jens — a random hometown girl has ya beat.