What Dino Hera From Married At First Sight Is Doing Today

Dino Hera embarked on a new look and lifestyle following his tumultuous experience on Married At First Sight. He was cast in season six that took place in Sydney, Australia and tried his hand at marriage with stranger Melissa Lucarelli, as reported by The Wash. Things between the newlyweds got explosive on Decision Day when Melissa gave Dino a verbal lashing in front of the whole group. 

"I am so sick of you playing the victim," she yelled at Dino over a secret recording he took of her. "You are invading my privacy again," she added. Dino responded by lowering his guard and revealing his decision to end their short-lived marriage. He went on to read a poem he wrote for his ex-wife after announcing his exit from the romance. He got a smile out of her, but the damage had already been done. During an appearance on Today Australia after the show wrapped, Dino explained how Melissa's unkind behavior and "criticism" led him to secretly record her so that he could play it back for the producers. 

While Dino certainly left Married At First Sight with a bang, what has been up to since then? Let's take a deeper look. 

Dino Hera heads to Hong Kong

In November 2020, two years after he filmed his season of Married At First Sight, Dino Hera showed off his new look and shared how much his life has changed. When he exchanged vows with Melissa Lucarelli, he lived in Perth, Australia, and worked as a mining controller, The Wash reported. Following his divorce, though, he packed on the muscle, moved to Hong Kong, and became a meditation guru. 

"I've been so busy here with meditation and wellness programs which is great in a way, at least something came out of Married At First Sight," he told the outlet. "I'm planning on heading back to Perth next year when the virus settles," he added. 

The white-collar worker turned fitness buff and holistic healer has a more beefy body as well as facial hair many wouldn't have expected from the MAFS star. "People got to see my patience at the MAFS dinner parties but having a beard now is the ultimate proof of patience," he said, jokingly. "A man with no moustache or beard is like a woman with a moustache or beard." 

When it comes to his love life, Dino touched briefly on the new lady in his life, but said he wants to keep things private following his reality TV experience. "I'm seeing someone here so see when it gets real, you will be invited to the real wedding," he said. We have to wonder if Melissa will also get an invite.