The Truth About Margaret Qualley And Shia LaBeouf

While Shia LaBeouf has been part of the Hollywood scene since childhood, the American actor has faced serious backlash throughout the years, with some even saying he has a downright shady side. His parents have their own tragic story and it seems some of their struggles were passed on to LaBeouf himself. For instance, in 2017, LaBeouf faced a $5 million lawsuit for an altercation with a bartender who refused to serve him drinks.

And now, things have taken an even more serious turn for LaBeouf. On Dec. 11, 2020, his ex-girlfriend, singer FKA twigs "filed a lawsuit" alleging abuse from the Transformers actor, according to Us Weekly. Since FKA twigs spoke out, singer Sia, who also dated LaBeouf, came forward with a similar story. With such accusations being made against LaBeouf, it is no wonder people are paying attention to him and his interactions with his current girlfriend, actress Margaret Qualley. 

Just over a week after FKA twigs came forward with her story of abuse at the hands of LaBeouf, the Daily Mail shared photos of him picking up Qualley at the Los Angeles International Airport on Dec. 19, 2020. Their reunion was heavy on the PDA and seemed surprising considering the coverage LaBeouf has received in the news in the days since FKA twigs' revelations. Here are all the details about his relationship with Qualley.

Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley starred in a NSFW music video

Shia LaBeouf picked up Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood actress Margaret Qualley at LAX on Dec. 19, 2020, according to the Daily Mail, where they were photographed kissing by his truck before they left the parking lot.

The duo made headlines in October 2020 when they appeared in a nine-minute long music video for the song "Love Me Like You Hate Me." The song was created by Qualley's sister, Rainey Qualley, who goes by the name Rainsford when composing and performing, according to People. The music video was created to show the highs and lows of a relationship and featured a lengthy sex scene between Qualley and LaBeouf, with the two actors filming in the nude, according to the outlet. Rainsford wrote about the project on Instagram, saying, "It's filled with love and pain and tenderness and rage and real pieces of my heart." 

According to Grazia, all evidence points to the fact that the pair probably met while filming this music video and have been dating ever since. Their reunion at LAX marks the first time they have been spotted out in public as a couple. With such intense media coverage and scrutiny following LaBeouf, their ongoing relationship will no doubt continue to be a topic of interest.