Zac Efron's New Mullet Is Turning Heads

Zac Efron has made some major moves in 2020. In July, he released a Netflix documentary series called Down to Earth with Zac Efron, which follows his travels around the globe with health and wellness expert Darin Olien as the two explore new ways of living a more sustainable life. He shocked fans when he debuted his "dad bod" and a scruffy beard in the series. Shortly after its release, Efron's name was in headlines again for his apparent transition to life Down Under. That's right, The Beach Bum star traded Hollywood for the Byron Bay area of Australia during the summer of 2020 to escape the hustle and bustle of Tinseltown and spend more time with his actress girlfriend Vanessa Valladares, who is originally from the area. 

Efron is not a stranger to changes, though. Over the years, he has sported a few new looks — from bulking up for movie roles to changing his hairdo. In 2018, he sported dreadlocks, which drew cultural appropriation accusations, and in 2019, he bleached his hair. But Efron's latest choice — his new mullet — might be his most unexpected, head-turning choice ever.

Zac Efron's new mullet is mostly business in the front, some party in the back

Zac Efron sported a new mullet in a series of Instagram photos posted by Attaboy Barbers in Australia on Dec. 18, 2020. "@zacefron dropped into @attaboy_hair Kent Town for a tidy up today, so we gave him a mullet," the shop shared with a laughing emoji.The mullet is only visible by looking at the back of his dead, but regardless, the new 'do, is turning heads.

"ZAC EFRON HAVING A MULLET HAS BEEN THE HIGHLIGHT OF 2020 I CANNOT WITH THIS MAN," a fan account tweeted after seeing the pictures of Efron's transformation. "Zac efron has mullet....and still looks hot," another fan wrote in shock, adding that he looks great "in anything." Not everyone shared the same sentiment, though. "I'll pass on the mullet," one person shared.

In return for the shocking new hairdo, Efron gave the "boss man" of the barber shop a haircut, which "made him feel 17 again," according to a joke made by the shop's Instagram account. 

The former Disney star has been spotted out and about multiple times since his move to Australia. Earlier in December 2020, he and his Aussie partner were seen leaving their local gym in Adelaide, per People. A source told the outlet that Efron is renting a house "minutes from the beach" and is on the hunt for a more permanent spot. It looks like Efron is embracing the Australian way to life, mullet and all.