Nearly 50% Of People Agree This Is The Best Ryan In Hollywood

Comparison is not healthy... except when we are trying to decide who our favorite Hollywood celebs are. While it might be rather challenging to pick from one collective pool of celebrities, how about we narrow it to a little pond of Ryans? That seems more manageable.

In fact, Nicki Swift conducted a survey of 607 people and asked them to choose Hollywood's "best" Ryan. Among the selections were: Ryan Seacrest, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, and Ryan Cooper with an option for "Other" because there are, to be fair, other Ryans out there. How to choose? Seacrest is a great option and it legitimately feels like the radio personality is everywhere. He hosts American Idol and he co-hosts Live with Kelly & Ryan alongside Kelly Ripa every weekday morning. Honestly, it feels like any time you change the channel, there is Seacrest!

Gosling is another excellent choice. The Canadian actor has a very private relationship with Eva Mendes and his workout routine made us sore just writing about it. Reynolds is another solid choice and, go figure, another Canadian. Reynolds had a friendship with the late Alex Trebek and he and wife Blake Lively gave back during the coronavirus pandemic. Last, but certainly not least, there is Cooper, who killed us (figuratively) with his 2017 film, Confessed, and his 2020 film, Christmas on Ice. So many stellar Ryans to choose from! But who made it to the top?

Ryan Reynolds is a household favorite

It was a tough call to decide who was the best Ryan in Hollywood. According to our Nicki Swift survey, Ryan Seacrest earned more than 15% of the votes, so obviously he is a beloved guy. Ryan Gosling wrangled more than 23% of the votes, so he is clearly another very worthy Ryan in the contest for the best Ryan. Ryan Cooper earned just over 5% of the votes, so he gets a participant's award for sure! But the best Ryan in showbiz was none other than Ryan Reynolds, who came out on top with a whopping 48.9% of the total count. Nicely done!

The Deadpool star has a reputation for being hilarious and roasting fellow A-listers, namely Hugh Jackman. But Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, have also cemented a lasting legacy of giving back to those who need help in times of crisis. According to People, the couple donated $500,000 to Covenant House in November 2020, a Canadian organization that supports homeless youth. So yeah, it makes sense why Reynolds made the top of the list.

The Nicki Swift survey also featured an option for "Other (please specify)" — but which other Ryans received honorable mention? Ryan O'Neal, actor and longtime partner of Farrah Fawcett, picked up a few votes. Someone else wrote in Meg Ryan. (Hey, they are not wrong!) But, as for the reigning victor, it was Reynolds by a landslide. Well done, bud.