Southern Charm: How Much Is Kathryn Dennis Really Worth?

Kathryn Dennis consistently brings drama and fashion to Southern Charm, which has turned into a pretty lucrative venture for her. Technically, the South Carolina native wasn't a cast member on Southern Charm during Season 1. However, Kathryn was a major presence on the show, earning that series regular spot from Season 2 onward. Some cast members have come and gone, but Kathryn has remained on the series, central to some of the biggest storylines.

Kathryn's flair for drama has paid off, as according to Radar Online, she and her Southern Charm co-stars pull in $25,000 per episode. In 2018 and 2019, Southern Charm had 16-episode seasons, which meant that she earned $400,000. On top of that, everyone pulled in an additional $60,000 to tape the reunion.

In 2019, The Sun reported that Kathryn, Shep Rose, Craig Conover, and Cameran Eubanks secured an additional $5,000 per episode, which added up to an additional $80,000 for the season. Although it seems like reality TV is Kathryn's primary source of income, she has had several streams of revenue throughout the years, which amounts to a pretty impressive net worth.

Is Kathryn Dennis' influencer career over?

Just like other reality TV stars, Kathryn Dennis has brought in money endorsing various products on Instagram, including nutrition shakes, women's clothing, and children's clothing. She's also participated in Instagram product give-aways. Her most consistent business relationship was with the Charleston department store Gwynn's. However, Kathryn was dropped as a brand ambassador in 2020 in response to the backlash Kathryn received from using a monkey emoji in an Instagram conversation with a Black woman. The Gwynn's Instagram account posted, "Her previous affiliation as a brand ambassador was periodic and on a contract basis. We stand in unity with people of color and with causes that fight to end injustices."

Kathryn announced her plans for a children's furniture line, Kensie + Saint, named after her two children in a September 2018 Instagram post. It's unclear where the company stands in 2020, with its last Instagram post from February 2020, and a website that is currently out of service. She is also on Cameo, making video shout-outs for fans, but her requests for videos have temporarily been paused. 

All of Kathryn's projects add up to an estimated $800,000 net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth, but it's unclear how her emoji controversy will affect her earnings. She hasn't posted sponsored Instagram content since March 2020, which was promotional content for Gwynn's, who she doesn't work with anymore. Hmm