The Real Reason Candiace Dillard Isn't A Fan Of Porsha Williams

Season 5 of Real Housewives of Potomac hasn't been the best for Candiace Dillard. Following the huge blowout between herself and former friend Monique Samuels, the reality star sees her fellow RHOP castmates in a different light. During a December 2020 episode of Behind The Velvet Rope, Candiace laid it all out on the table regarding her feelings towards the other Potomac housewives. Candiace told David Yontef that Robyn Dixon was the most supportive of the housewives after the altercation, stating, "She would call every other week to check in." Concerning her friendship with Ashley Darby, Candiace didn't have many nice things to say. "I have nothing left for her — you aren't even worthy of my breath — I don't have time for her — you are literally dust at this point," she said.

As far as Karen Huger, Candiace expressed disappointment in her actions during the season. "I really loved Karen, I looked up to her like an auntie, sister figure ... but the more valuable friendship was the one that she chose." She continued. "She did accuse me of lying under oath, which is egregious at best, like, how dare you? For her to insinuate that I would lie about what happened to me under oath is disgusting – [Karen] is no one's friend."

Candiace's distaste following the fight goes way beyond the RHOP cast. In fact, the singer-slash-reality star isn't a fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta vet Porsha Williams. Here's what Candiace really thinks about the Georgia peach.

Candiace Dillard thinks Porsha Williams is a 'liar'

Although it's not the first time we've seen the housewives have issues with other franchises under the Real Housewives umbrella, the tension between Candiace Dillard and Porsha Williams is heating up. During an episode of Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef, Candiace claimed Monique Samuels is a "sociopath" and believes both Monique and her friends are spreading lies about her. One of those friends, according to Candiace, is Porsha.

"[Porsha] has proven [to be] someone we don't expect much from in the frame of common sense, I don't expect her to question what she's being told by a clear liar," she said. "Common sense would tell you to vet certain things and not be so vehemently loud and wrong." Porsha, who is great friends with Monique, has readily defended the latter on several occasions. Porsha also made the claim that Candiace filed a lawsuit against Monique as an easy money come-up. "[Monique] felt like the whole reason Candiace was suing her was to pay for her mom's house," Porsha said during a Dec. 6, 2020, episode of Bravo's Chat Room. "She was suing because it was a money grab."

Candiace addressed the accusations, denying that the lawsuit was about the money. "It's one thing to talk general smack about me in defense of your friend, but when you flat-out lie, yes, I'm going to address it," Candiace told David Yontef. "You would think she'd have more empathy and judiciousness in the way she speaks, and she just doesn't — you look and sound stupid."