What Ashley Darby Was Doing Before The Fame

Real Housewives of Potomac's Ashley Darby definitely knows how to hold her own when shade is thrown her way on Bravo's hit reality series. She was the youngest to join the group of saucy, high-class women and an OG (original cast member) of the series. Since her first appearance on RHOP back in 2016, Ashley's made it clear that despite her age she wasn't going to be on the sidelines. Her infamous tagline: "Throw this spring chicken into the cougar's den and let the games begin."

Five seasons later, Ashley's storyline is one of the most interesting, and maybe most controversial, to watch. She's battled many rumors about her marriage to Michael Darby, including sexual assault scandals, and also is no stranger to telling off her cast members when she feels they are in the wrong. 

However, despite her entertaining storyline, many fans are wondering what Ashley was like before she became a Real Housewife. So, we did some digging to find out what she was doing before she landed a spot on Bravo's series. 

Ashley Darby doesn't come from money like some housewives

Ashley Darby of Real Housewives of Potomac may be the youngest on the show, but that doesn't mean her resume isn't filled with some major accomplishments. Bravo's bio states that she is a Maryland native who has "been instilled with tenacity and an unmatched drive to succeed." The bio also reveals that as "[t]he oldest child in her family, Ashley grew up juggling multiple jobs to help support her single mom and younger siblings." 

Ashely also has a history with pageantry. While attending the University of Maryland, Ashley was bartending "on the side to keep both herself and her family financially stable" and was scouted by Miss America, her bio says. She went on to compete in the 2011 Miss America competition and was crowned Miss District of Columbia. After winning the crown, she met her husband Michael Darby and appeared on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress when shopping for her wedding gown, per Bustle

Ashley definitely puts her driven attitude and poised pageant experience to good use whenever she deals with drama on Real Housewives of Potomac.