The Bachelorette: Ben Smith Speaks Out After Breakup From Tayshia Adams

Ben Smith first turned heads on The Bachelorette during a group date in which contestants were tasked with creating a self-portrait that revealed their true identity in some intimate way. Smith took advantage of the moment to really make an impression on Tayshia Adams by stripping down naked in front of her and the other contestants on the date.

In the Dec. 2, 2020 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Ben opened up about his decision to go commando. "Taking my clothes off was a literal and figurative dropping of my guard," he began, (via US Weekly.) "But it wasn't about being naked, it was about removing this barrier that I had up," he said, adding that it was his idea.

Unfortunately for Ben, actions were actually easier than words. After expressing her concern that Ben still had his guard up on the hometown date, Tayshia broke up with him. Tayshia was dumbfounded by his awkward exit, saying she was "extremely" disappointed with the lack of emotion the Army veteran showed on his way out. 

Ben took a leap of faith and came back to the resort during part one of The Bachelorette's two-part finale to apologize to Tayshia, which bought him some extra time with her. However, Tayshia sent him home again before they got a chance to go on a final date. Now that the world has seen his heart break on national television, Ben Smith has finally spoken out.

Ben Smith was grateful for his Bachelorette journey

When Tayshia Adams broke up with Ben Smith for a second time, he was absolutely heartbroken, but in the end, he wanted what's best for her. "I saw it going differently, but when you love somebody, you want them to be happy," he said before hugging Tayshia goodbye.

Just hours after the whole world saw him get dumped once again, Ben broke his silence with an Instagram post. "Thank you for your patience. Thank you for seeing me, for always listening, and for trying your best to know me on the deepest level," he began, seemingly speaking to his ex girlfriend. "I struggle to be the person you need and I still struggle knowing what's enough. You're beautiful, inside and out and I'm so incredibly grateful for your heart." He tagged the Instagram accounts of Tayshia, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor Nation in his post.

He finished his heartfelt message with some words of self-reflection and excitement for the road ahead. "What's meant for you will find you. And what's meant for me? I'm ready to receive. To a deeper connection to self and an ever increasing opportunity to give love," he finished. He was instantly flooded with supportive comments, including from women who offered to be his next love conquest. 

Meanwhile, Tayshia had already shared two videos of her celebrating with Zac Clark to her Instagram Story (via ET), who she accepted a proposal from in the finale of her season.