What Jason Stackhouse From True Blood Looks Like Today

Wondering what Jason Stackhouse from True Blood looks like now? It has been more five years since HBO's hit vampire series ended, yet True Blood fans are still craving more content. The show, which followed small town Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse as she and the rest of Bon Temps learned to co-exist with vampires, was another obsession-worthy show produced by HBO. It ran from 2008 to 2014 and it had a little bit of everything for sci-fi lovers, including a lovable cast. One character in particular, Jason Stackhouse, captured viewers' attention. He was played by the Australian actor Ryan Kwanten. Jason was Sookie's older brother who at times was a bit immature, but still very much a fan-favorite on the show. 

So, if you are a fan of True Blood and want to know what Kwanten, aka Jason, looks like, as well as what he has been up to since the show ended, you have come to the right place. We did some digging and got the scoop about this blonde heartthrob. Check out what he looks like below, as well as his new gigs. 

Here's what Ryan Kwanten has been up to since True Blood

Fans of True Blood's Jason Stackhouse who want to know what he looks like now are in luck. Ryan Kwanten, the actor who played Sookie Stackhouse's brother, has remained busy in the entertainment industry since the show ended. Minus a short slow period for the actor following True Blood's finale, Kwanten has continued to do well for himself by appearing in number of different projects and roles. According to his IMDb page, since True Blood has been off the air he has been cast in the drama Reach Me, the action films Kidnapping Mr. Heineken and Blunt Force Trauma, and the romantic comedy Who Gets the Dog? It was also reported that he has had a few voiceover roles, most notably in Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Apollo Gauntlet.

In 2017 Kwanten landed an even bigger job, too. Cinema Blend reported that Kwanten was set to star in 50 Cent's gang-inspired drama The Oaththe Aussie actor's biggest role since True Blood. Along with playing the lead in the series, Steve Hammond, Kwanten also joined The Oath as a producer. So, for True Blood fans who want to catch a glimpse of Jason's road crew antics, they should definitely add The Oath to their list of shows to binge watch next.